The Mystery of the Missing Swedish Crime Statistics etc
Unfortunately we do not have access to a reliable crime statistics that is internationally comparable. But we do know that the Swedish figures seem to contain problems that might cover up crimes committed e.g. by children and youth. There also seems to be a huge discrepancy between the Swedish murder rate and other violent crimes compared to most other countries. I am not paid for the job so you should be patient while I am trying to make sense of the UN stats in this regard!                                be continued....

Sociological-criminological aspects on Sweden.
The charts below are copied from Crime Trends in Singapore by Miss Yeo Sock Lee/Dept of Statistics (in Statistics Singapore Newsletter)
by P. Klevius

Angels of Antichrist: the dark side of Swedish welfare

Sweden, Pol Pot and Islam: a peaceful country supporting terror regimes.

Legal Swedish child trafficking under the title "child protection".

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The new face of Sweden?
The new face of Sweden?

Is the most egoistic/-individualistic people on Earth (according to the
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