Swedish State Terrorism
Official Sweden on Terrorism and the US President

According to an interview by a representative for the Swedish secret police (SÄPO) it seems that it is OK to plan and prepare in Sweden for terror attacks as long as they are not targeted against Sweden.

According to Expressen (a main Swedish non-socialist newspaper) Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs Laila Freiwalds has stated that "it would be good if Bush is not re-elected".
Swedish State Sponsored Media

state sponsored media is constantly bombarding the audience with US hatred and naive support for Islam. It is made in a selective way by actively searching for negative news/facts/fiction about US and its administration, while simultaneously suppressing, or belittling information that does not fit the ideology.

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Double Agendas

While Sweden’s Prime Minister Göran Persson reports from his latest (May 2004) Washington visit that the President of U.S.A. is “nice, intelligent, and much more well prepared and informed than most politicians, quite the contrary to the picture offered in Europe”, this evaluation stays in sharp contrast to what the Swedish state controlled media reports. Just like the Swedish policy that known terrorists should be left in peace as long as their plans are no threat to Sweden, the same policy seems to strongly support an actively pro-Islamic/socialist (compare Baath party) development In several contributions in the public Swedish state-radio P1 (I had to struggle a lot before I even got a chance to be published - the content of the program will be delivered on this page later) I asked Swedish imams to answer the simple question: Do infidels and non-believers have the same Human Rights value as Muslims? As I see it, this not only constitutes the ultimate connection between terrorism and “moderate” Muslims, but also that Bin Ladin’s gang can hide their actions under the protection of the free world's Human Rights and simultaneously undermine these very rights. According to a moderate muslim in an interview on radio (May 24, 2004) there are two different messages preached in the mosques in Sweden: one more violent in Arabic and one moderate in Swedish.

The Swedish state controlled media is eager to report positively about Islam but seldom reacts (or reacts very late) when it is the other way round. The Arabic/Islamic state terror in Sudan was for long neglected or hidden behind commentaries that didn't blame the Islamist/racist government of Sudan..The other North African countries are almost extinct from the Swedish media although the atrocities and racist Arabic imperialism against the native speakers are both striking and horryfying..


In the modern world there is no escape for religious faith other than fundamentalism or secularized individualism.The former is self-sufficient and totalitarian whereas the latter needs either the former or
Human Rights to prevail. Because of its denial of historical changes fundamentalism rests on out-dated sex-segregation.
Sweden is very "leftist"; it has the biggest public sector; it used to be the Maoists' haven in the 70's (remember Pol Pot?) and its social policy has been very hostile to the family. Many previous Maoists now sit on the top of the Swedish society.; Angels of Antichrist describes the waste of tax money on bad social policy  and the poor and even tragic outcome of the policy. Although many countries now are trapped in a psycho trend (i.e. flimsy and non-scientific psychology, often rooted in Freud's hallucinations from the late 19's century) Sweden is by far the worst..

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