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Arguments heard against mixed sex soccer (practise or games) might be used in favor of it:

1   Boys just rush after the ball while girls keep their positions waiting for an offer.

2   Girls follow the rules while boys brake them all the time.

This is actually the same mechanism as in everything else where boys out-compete girls (and I'm not talking physical strength now). A teenage computer nerd who later on takes an exame in computing may well be worth more money for an employer than a girl with a similar exame but without the nerd background. She would probably have benefitted from more nerd company in her teens rather than spending most of her time on the same sex and the rest in sexualized relations with boys. Because of sex segregation girls meet boys under the influence of party drugs and without any good understanding of eachother. This unfortunate meeting is further boosted by HSA (
Hetero Sexual Attraction). When feminists search for the "patriarchal structure" they miss the structure of sex segregation, i.e. a segregation often up-held as much by women as by men.

Feminists are rare, not to say extinct (also compare
Heroic Sports Women), on the soccer field. Consequently most girls who become soccer players are initiated by family members with a history in soccer.

Mixed football/"soccer" teams?

There is actually nothing really hindering mixed teams, e..g. 5+5. And no rule changes might even be needed if referees just tighten up their view on tackles etc. After some time the paxis would tell who's gonna score the most, and if some minor changes are necessitated because of this.

...will be continued!

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