What is sex segregation?
Islam and reactionary feminism

Although sex segregation can be either forced or volontary, its detrimental effects on opportunity structures are the same. There is something very suspicious in the assumption that we ought to guard the dichotomy of sex.The sexes have to meet sometime. Why not now in this historical time of globalization?

What is rapetivism?

Rapetivism , i.e. the enslavement/abuse of confined/veiled girls/women as physical and cultural reproducers of as many new Muslims as possible under the threats from Sharia and apostasy ban, is, in fact, a form of HSA perversion "cultural/physical necrophilia" that rests on cultural sex segregation. However, although Islam is the ultimate sex segregation, most of us, at least partially, still suffer under milder forms of the same cultural disease. This (+ our untreated vulnerabilty for fascism) is the main reason why evil medieval Islam has been able to rise its ugly face of slavery/racism/sexism again.

It's all our duty to fight sex segregation!

Lloyd deMause: "Outside the West, the sexual molestation of children is a routine practice in most families" Klevius: Is that so?!

Sex segregation results in girls being stripped off their humanhood and hence becoming the sole target for heterosexiual attraction and cultural sexism. Usually the only sex freed relationship outside a girl's own sex  in a sex segregated world is with close male kins (because they lack bioheterosexual attraction - see below). No wonder then that good father-daughter relations are "special" and also challenging for jealous feminists who consequently came up with the new usage of the word "incest", i.e. not as related to reproduction and the strive to uphold kinship ties but rather as a general and blurred accusation against father-daughter attachment aimed to destroy precisely those kinship ties, only leaving "sisterhood" intact. What I've used to name the "social neutron bomb" in the use of the "social state" in cooperation with (state)feminsts.

The deepest of modern taboos, artificial (formalized/institutionalized/enforced) sex
segregation is equally popular among psychoanalysts and feminists as it is
among Muslims. But a quick look out there in the everyday life of common people reveals that the concept belongs to the past and that what we do still see is only its superficial/artificial reactionary form (in the form of gender boosting fashion etc)..Feminists got a bad reputation among the "normal" population because they politically problematized the area where difference and equality meet, i.e. their own homeyard. If you want to keep a certain set (femininity) of difference you also have to be responsible for that those areas hardly can be equal. Syntetic cover ups by the help of affirmative actions etc. may be of tactical value but also become anomalies in the system and cannot run for long if we like to keep the issue in touch with the basic idea of democray and human rights! Sex-segregation rests on a belief system, without scientific proof, arguing that there are some inevitable and unbreakable "natural" borders between the sexes. As can be seen in different philosophical discussions on the topic (e.g. feminism, queer theory etc) there seems to be no consensus on what consstitutes the basis for these borders or even where/how these borders are/should be positioned.

Hetero Sexual Attraction HSA - the key to a new (non-feminist and non-chauvinist) understanding of sex, erotics. sex-segregation and friendship in a culturally over-sexualized world

No matter what sex you and your partner have you can always have erotics/sex together or alone. But a heterosexual couple may have erotics/sex together without or with HSA. Because HSA is biologically implanted only in men (the eye of the viewer) it is understandable that it can be hard to understand for a woman (and some men too) and therefore often is explained away as cultural "desire" and used as a tool in the political debate. On the other hand it's equally misleading to propose some kind of inevitable force that men cannot resist. In fact, it seems that nature has made an elegant (i.e. logical) arrangement by making men potentially horny whenever (yet without any Freudian or biological need for "sublimation"/rape etc) whereas women are biologically most receptive for sex during a short period per month (most women do know this, not the least because of their private feelings and dreams etc. but are often culturally pushed -in one direction or another - to deny this pattern). In conclusion potentially horny men have no biological problems to wait (and even refuse totally from sex) until women are interested (an interest that can be strong and unexpected sometimes if the biotiming or culturally implanted link to sexual stimulation is right - here a clue to many an unnecessary tragedy). It's also important to remember that although HSA is implanted in males its power is in the hands of women. But again, I may look at the most beautiful woman nude repeatedly without any HSA, and still keep the full potential of HSA, quite the contrary to the ideas of those who believe in the "femme mystique" that has to be protected to up-hold excitement. HSA is a "perpeetum mobile" but can be culturally destroyed e.g. via cultural sex-segregation. HSA thus explains the different views/feelings of men and women on sex/attraction etc..

HSA in feminist epistemology has revolved around the concepts of heterosexual desire (that confines women into a sphere outlined by the patriachy), and an uncertain and blurred debate about or whether sex/gender divide is necessary or even possible. The problem may seem easy to solve with egalitarian/
human rights logic but the essential problem for feminists is to defend, not women but feminism/femininity (i.e. the hoax "femininity" established for political/segregational purposes - not HSA). In a de-sex segregated world order there would be no masculinity/men to compare femininity/women culturally with and the only place where biological masculinity and femininity is to be found is within the narrow sphere of HSA. And you don't even have to go there if you don't feel for it! And don't be a pushed sex-slave just to be "normal". No one has a clue about "normality" although many think they have!

...to be continued soon... (in the meantime try
Sex segregation for Pros.

Gender Identity "Disorder" (GID)

GID is
a hoax psychoanalytic diagnosis that ought to be returned to the sender. Although it is opposed by many (e.g. homosexuals/lesbians* and others) it should be rejected by evereyone who shares the idea of basic human rights. GID is, besides the idea of "pathological symbiosis" (too much attachment) the most disastrous, though also the most ridiculous, of psychoanalytic inventions (also read Psycho-social timeline and Childless Female Child Psychoanalysts in Search for Motherhood/motherfixation/motherblaming/femininity. GID represents the basis for psychoanalytic sex-segregation. It is the very essence of it and it is defended to all costs because without it sex-segregated psychoanalysis is doomed to theoretical extinction.

' Note that in Klevius terminology 'lesbians', due to HSA, differ from male momosexuals. Whereas both males and females may cover friendship/cohabitation under these terms, only lesbians are concerned with HSA.

It is not the examples of GID behavior.mentioned in DSM-IV that is the main problem but rather the idea behind them, namely that a certain pattern of behavior and clothing together with the sex-wishes of the individual in question could constitute something pathological compared to "normal" sex/gender-roles. But as can be seen on othr pages on this site there really seems not to be any ground for a fundamentalist belief system that rests on the idea of a rigid dichotomy between Vagina and Penis possessors.

"Tomboy" (see Definition of Tomboy) isn't a dead end but a door to freedom and real emancipation for girls/women.

Those who, like Freud himself, are afraid of loosing the erotic attraction between the sexes should read
Love and Sex and also consider why they even want to see it as a problem. (besides, it is obviously not a problem, not even for nudists). The real problem, however, is that HSA (heterosexual attraction) in a sex segregated society causes artificial (cultural) sex pressure, especially on females. No wonder if many females want to withdraw into the protecting cover of, for example, lesbianism or the Islamic burka/veil confinement - and,  again facing the same sex pressure precisely because there is no place to go for humans who want to stick together without making erotics or sex an issue.

Sex segregation in language

Sex segregated languages (mainly Indo-European and Semitic) are trapped in the s/he confusion. But instead of getting rid of it pro sex segregators propagates an even tougher sex segregation in language! The term 'gender' is just but one example.

If we really want to let the girls out this is the key to real (negative) human rights for all of us! It is also the only way to treat the disease of fundamentalism in the long run.

The Islamic veil trap

It's important to note that the Arabic invention of the Islamic veil, i.e. institutionalized rape (physichal and/or cultural) as the main means for spreading/preserving Islamic conquest, essentially differs from other especially monstruous forms of sex segregation!

Testimony by Claude Moniquet, Director General of European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center
April 27, 2005: "Ten years ago, the Islamic veil was mainly worn by older women. Now at least half of the female Muslim population wear the veil. In some municipalities in France, the figure is about 80%. From field investigation we know that in most cases those girls and women didn’t really choose to wear the veil but were “forced” to do so by family or community pressure. In some European cities, a Muslim girl who refuses to wear the veil leaves herself open to insults, physical aggression, sexual harassment and even collective rape. In France, those aggressions happen regularly;"

The veil of sex segregation (and creeping pan-Arabic sexist/racist totalitarian monolitheistic Capitoilislam).
Those who defend Islam as "peaceful" (i.e. non-violent), good for women (i.e. non-sexist/sex segregated), and anti-totalitarian (i.e. free) have no case against Klevius' criticism. We share the same view against those who think Islam is or should be the final solution (i.e. fascism) for the world, and who also argue for other totalitarian, racist/sexist stupidities expressed in its teachings! Only those Muslims or their defenders who clearly rejects every ounce of these kinds of teachings in Koran, Koran schools, mosques, or other Islamic texts/sources, can hence be accepted within a humane, democratic society based on the holy negative human orights! Right.

Those who think that the French veil ban is an issue only for Muslims in France have really missed the target. On the contrary there doesn't even exist a "France" (or any other state) in the Islamist's mind. Only one country, i.e. Saudi Arabia (one of the eight worst/inhumane countries in the world), counts, all the others are filed under the "expansion of the Arabic Islam/Sharia umma". Here terror, oil-fueled language imperialism and "religion" (see Klevius Definition of religion) really merge into one totalitarian world view, albeit with no real content, besides pan-Arabism..Islam/Koran, the most violent of main religious texts, totally lacks internal coherency and responsibility. Whoever wants to use Islam for his/her particular interpretations is free to do so. The Saudi wahhabism support has more to do with domestic affairs and pan-Arabism than with religion.

The attraction of the veil (apart from as simply fashion - albeit stupid and offensive against its millions of victims) lies in its supposed protection against sexism and rape/tivism (cultural and physical), but in doing so it also enhances sex-segregation, hence constituting an obstacle against women's emancipation.

It is an irony that women so easily and volontarily fall in the same trap as their sisters in Sudan and other places (see Klevius' Infodesk) often have been forced into. Although it is convenient for a human being who has been held back through history to get culturally shy and hide behind a mask (religious or secular womanhood), the act may be both costly and even unnessary.

Adonis' view on veils as just fluttering in the wind of interpretations' is a misogynist view, deeply embedded in an Islamic/Arabic tradition of sex segregation, that he himself may be even unaware of.

Adonis on the veil: "When some of the caliphs in the Abbasid era ordered non-Muslims to wear distinctive symbols to tell them apart from Muslims, the practice met with disapproval.  It was seen as a sign of regression and rigidity.  After society evolved, the practice was quickly abolished. Therefore, it is strange and difficult to understand how Muslims living in the West can, describing themselves as Muslims, insist on donning distinctive symbols to set themselves apart from the inhabitants of the society in which they are living.  This insistence is an insult (ihana) against and a condemnation of their history and culture and their presence in the world to the extent that, to one who contemplates it, it appears that the veil is not only a violation of the laws of the other and his culture, but also, prior to that, an expression of contempt (imtihan) for them and for another way of life.  However, this is in its death throes."

Klevius' natural alternative: de-sex segregation (see From Klevius without love).

Sex segregation from Freud to bin Ladin

Is anti sex segregation the next revolution of the world or does the reality out there come first?

The last, but also the worst, of malign human segregations rests on sex. It has become a great tabu at the same time as practical and judicial sex barriers have been removed one by one so today there are hardly any left in the free world. Today a girl can become a pilot in the air force but still encounters an enormous pressure to keep her hair long, wear dresses and other not necessarily sexy but rather "feminine" markers. Is it because she feels more sexy (and how important should that really be)? If it is I can tell her (many women really seem to be unaware of biological hetero sexual attraction, rather explaining its effects as only cultural) that it´s not her hair but rather her ass that's the really (hetero)sexy thing (and every girl/woman has already got one, haven't they!) - see Hetero Sexual Attraction on http://klevius.info/sexsegregation.html?1078668068612 Remember that sexuality is something that everyone can perform in one way or another (you are all welcome in the free world, incl. you who don't want to be bothered by sex at all) but HSA is the evolutionary attraction (not sexual acts per se) initiated to make hetero sexual reproduction possible. I.e. HSA is no better than anything else but the concept is crucial in every discussion trying to make sense of hetero erotics and cultural sex segregation (i.e. sex stereotyping).

Also remember that the prevalent view on sex might be oppressive (see "Rapetivism in Hip Hop, Islam etc."on http://klevius.info/psychosexsegregation.html?1086313978371) against many individuals and groups and that sexuality is not a criterion for "a good life" but rather that such a view might be quite discriminatory. I really hope no one out there has sex just because s/he thinks s/he has to (Funny this s/he thing, isn't it? In most languages, except those belonging to the Mid-East religions, there is no need for such linguistic and determining sex segregation! E. g. in Finnish you only use "hän" and the Finns are still alive and doing fine!).

Many teenage girl princesses of today seem to be trapped in a locked tower by the sex segregated history of their mothers' generation. Where are the knights to assist in making them free themselves - instead of MTV, the Hip Hop guardians of sex segregation, and others...?

Every male and female should, at least, consider a re-evaluation of the sex segregated teaching of Freud and bin Ladin (what really made bin Ladin mad was the American female soldiers in Saudi-Arabia). They are much more similar than most people might think, i.e. they both want to keep the sexes apart - see http://klevius.info/psychosexsegregation.html?1086313978371

Feminism (see http://klevius.info/sexsegrpro.html?1078690462897) fails to explain sex segregation (that's why it's rarely even mentioned, and only re. equal pay and job issues) because feminism is itself an active part of sex segregation. Feminists share the same "passion for difference" as chauvinists! A basic theoretical misconcept among feminists is that there should, indeed, be a difference but that this difference should not be in biological attraction (which is the only area where it could possibly be - see HSA on From Klevius without love on http://klevius.info/Love.html?1076429637046).

Perhaps the most questionable, but also the most common comment to this is that "we should let girls be girls" (sic), i.e. in fact restrict them by the ideals and prejudices of the commentator who possesses the "mothering" power of an elder generation! What say could possibly a young girl have against this massive power demonstration combined with the sex stereotypes broadcasted from MTV/Hollywood etc? And how many individuals have unnecessary ended up for sex surgery (not to mention cosmetic ones) and medication just because of this kind of rigid sex stereotyping? Free the girls (and the boys) from unnesesary sex pressure!

Klevius de-sex segregated sex lesson for beginners:
Sex segregated heterosexual sex

The weird world of cultural sex

In a scientific show on Swedish radio a female "sexpert" addressed the use of
sex toys for females ("rabbit"). Before we continue please note that stupid Freud proposed "a normal penis several times" for hysteric women (see
From Freud to bin Laden and Klevius revealing psychosocial timeline & Freud’s slips). From this it has continued a perverted entanglement on ideas of biology and sex segregation that, as a result, makes many people seriously believe that meeting in a simultaneous heterosexual orgasm is the fulfilment of the relation. But in fact apart that it’s extremely rare, unless purportedly and under big efforts, it’s really the opposite to relation, i.e. this very strive is truly rigid sex segregation. And even worse, this functions as a barrier for true human relations.

How could ejaculation be premature* (before penetration?!) and why do women ought to reach orgasm** - and with men?

The simple answer is that our fixation and perverted focusing on sex has as its basic pillar the cultural belief in sex segregation (see
Klevius definition of feminism) which then determines us to more of the same while producing a fictive and non-relational meeting sanctuary through physical sex that doesn’t even (in most cases?) reach the standard of autoeroticism.

The female "sexpert" in the radio show told the listeners that as a single she used the toy (the "pepper can"*** in Klevius termninology) but that now she possesses the best possible, "wounderful natural staff". When asked which one was better she admitted (while giggling and hesitating like an especially unsure teen) that no natural surrogate could outperform the artificial one. This statement really hits the core of the sex segregation/heterosexual attraction analysis in

What if all this sex focusing is the real opposite of its label? Namely sex oppression made possible by
sex segregation and the blurring effects of heterosexual attraction (HSA) and the joy humans might share with eachother, not because of but despite sexism!

Progressing from here needs the rethinking and reformulation of conventional concepts of sex and sexuality. By applying HSA as a tendency/potential, apart from or combined with (but not being) physical sexual activity, and then placing it in a cultural pattern of sex segregation reveals a completely different and new picture - one that surprisingly turns out to be as old as mankind. Some of the questions that should be part of such an analysis include: What's physical and what's cultural in my evaluation of sex? Is my partner a sex toy - and is s/he aware of it? What role does HSA play and could it be beneficial for both without sex segregation? Am I raped? Am I raping somebody? Am I raping myself?

Sex segregation in the ancient "civilized" world

Rape was a common form of sex segregated/skewed "communication" between females and males in, for example, the ancient Greece and Rome. Not only as a legal social institution (marriage etc) but also in the form of males always preying on females, e.g. sent for bringing water from the wells etc. This is why "worthy" females had to be jailed in the house. However, if applied, Peter Klevius theory on sex segregation and HSA (male biased heterosexual attraction) leads to the horrifying conclusion that a lack of HSA would probably have led to females being used not almost but entirely as cattle in separate cattle houses, perhaps with slaves forced to breed with them! Today Islam represents this horror from the past* by "veiling" females by the help of rigid sex segregation in the form of Sharia. The Islamic female jail today allows her walking on the street but keeps her completely confined via its ruling and harsh consequences of disobedience.

* compare the title page of Klevius
Demand for Resources -on thre right to be poor:

The civilized wo/man walks
back in her/his foot steps,
strikes a light and lets her/himself be enlightened
and gloryfied
the forgotten suffering,
and the shadow behind her/him,
hanging over the future,
are greater    (P. Klevius 1991).

...to be continued...

(intellectual copyright Peter Klevius).

* As a man I've noticed the extreme potential  spectrum of ejaculation time possible. However, I've also realized that "performing" as a tool with a longlasting battery isn't necessarily even close to "satisfaction". Furthermore, sex for sex's sake is a dirty business. Asexuals out there, you have probably not missed more than most sexuals have missed compared to you. And we all continuously enjoy good scratching, nice sneezing, wonderful peeing, and heavenly pooping without hurting anyone incl. ourselves! Which doesn't, of course, exclude decent sex if you think it's worth it without a sacrifies!
** "Premature ejaculation" and lack of female orgasm are both pathologized in the discourse. One might wonder why. More on that later
*** Although it's nice to get sneezing orgasms after having  messed with spices in coking, I've never thought of doing this regularly and by purpose outside kitchen duties.

Peter Klevius

also see (Feb 11, 2007) How the Sharia rape/stoning of Cape Verde tourists by young jihadists is connected to Swedish school bullying and global Islam(ofascism).
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Why accept dealing with the other sex through a distorting and unnecessary sex-barrier when we should be able to relate as non-sexist, free human beings to eachother? Let Freud RIP! Why ask for a "chance" to relate?! A rule of thumb: One may look and do as one likes but every time one does so with the purpose of boosting a culturally proposed sex-stereotype, one may suffer from sex segregation! If you let yourself be pushed into sex (physically or socially) you assist in rape on yourself, or someone else! Biokinship and friendship, not sex, are essential. Although structural sex segregation isn't a crime it may be worth a thought or two!

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ISLAMOPHOBIA: CAIR’s (extremely influential Council on American Islamic Relations) co-founder Omar Ahmed (friend of Osama bin Laden) "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. - The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth"

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The relevance of this site is probably that it is (perhaps) the first (but certainly not the last)  that challenges
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