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Sweden's blurred psychiatric "care" commits murder and frees the murderer
- the legal but unhappy marriage of psychoanalysis and the social state - by Peter Klevius
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The birth and timeline of the psycho-state
Sweden's one-armed Justitia
This development is part of a global psycho-social state socialism/feminism (described in Angels of Antichrist and caused by sex segregation) that boosts a  lack of attachment between parents and children! And while we "protect" children, we in fact invite them to protected criminal behavior.
Alice Miller's psychoanalytic genosuicide
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Swedish feminist politician makes millions while Swedish poor mothers sell Christmas sex.
BBC:s view: Doctors split over mind of a killer. The confused signals from Sweden are well reflected in the fact that BBC previously wrongly reported that the murderer was diagnosed for schizophrenia (this error was recognized and notyfied to BBC by P. Klevius). He was not.The strange usage of the word 'psychotic' may be the reason for this confusion, i.e. that many psychoanalytically influenced psychiatrists have made their utmost to eliminate the difference between the concepts healthy and ill to the extent that almost nothing can be said but rather that it gives the psycho state a tool of incredible flexibility (not only in clinical assessments). Sweden is here a forerunner but the same tendencies can be seen all over the world, especially within the public sector (compare Angels of Antichrist).
The Swedish murder trauma and its solution in the Prime Court

The Prime Minister shot dead on the street and the Minister of Foreign Affairs stubbed to death in a department store.  Both killed in central Stockholm by drug addict outcasts with a political motive and both connected to the Swedish psychiatric "welfare" system. Two main psychiatric "experts" came up with completely opposite assessments in both trials. In the Anna Lindh murder case the states Social Board intervened and declared the murderer mentally ill so he could avoid a jail sentence. This was to protect the psychiatric "care" system that had delivered Rohypnol to the murderer some hours before the murder. So the system that gave the murderer Rohypnol as "care", and hence actually guilty of murder itself, now has released him from jail because it will give him more psychiatric "care", maybe on the very same psychiatric care unit (Huddinge) where he was originally assessed not ill. Furthermore the state put a heavy Secret label on this ruling to avoid any possibility for further insights in the process. In the Olof Palme murder case the Supreme Court refused to handle it although many are convinced it was the guy who was sentenced but freed in the Court of Appeal. He has even publicly confessed his crime but - he was the wrong murderer and couldn't be sentenced for the murder of a Swedish Prime Minister. He wasn't good enough! The perfect murderer could have been an Ammerican sent by CIA or a right wing Swedish Palme-hater!

20040929 And now when the man died today, the group of investigators happily reports that they gonna continue their search for seven more years until the period of prosecution has expired!

In another recent Swedish murder case a triple murderer and rapist was, in practice, freed after one and a half year.of "care".
Sex segregated and un-attached individuals in the Service of the Social State
Psycho-state: Definition of a psycho-state: A "welfare" state ruled by its bureaucrcy and using psychology/psychiatry as a tool for exercising power and wealth to itself. It creates its own clients (on top of those really mentally ill) mainly among children, women and young offenders/criminals. By diagnosing healthy young men, on hoax grounds, as mentally ill the doctors can supply Rohypnol (as in the case of the Anna Lindh murderer) and other drugs in demand. And when the youngsters commit crimes they do so in a state of "mental illness". In the bottom lies the curse of the socialistic welfare state, namely its inborn irresponsibility and inevitable drift towards bureaucratic selfishness..Tts purpose and objectives are not followed up in the same tight manner as, for example, companies in the private sector.. Furthermore, when the psycho-state becomes the tool for flimpsy ideologies with access to legislative processes (mainly through political representation that often are not that representative as its alleged aim)but rather patronizing) the final result may be, at least on particular topics, not far from fictive Dysthopias, described by Kafka, Huxley, Orwells and others. Sweden is not far from becoming what I would describe as the ultimate, totalitarian democracy (compare Angels of Antichrist) i.e. a society where only certain things are visible or can be said because the poitically consensued media does not allow disparate voices to be heard in the same way as for example in the US and even most other democracies. Of course there is a reason for this. Sweden has an extreme and unparalleled political history for the last century in that it has been almost totally dominated by a single party, the social democrats and their "pathological symbiosis" with the bureaucracy, built up and strengthen by the world's heaviest taxes..Sweden was one of the countries with the highest contamination of Pol-Pot friendly Maoists (now most of them are sitting in power positions within politics, state bureaucracy and media. There is even written a book about it, where they "explain" themselves for their stupidities in the 70's), and today Sweden is perhaps the most terrorist friendly, democratic country on Earth! bin Ladin must be smiling...

Wrong type of murderer? In the case of the Anna Lindh (former Minister of Foreign Affaiis who was repeatedly stubbed on a department store by a guy who was under the influence of Rohypnol he had received from a psychiatrist a couple of hour earlier as it seems) murder this pattern is double-sided because the murderer had also clear political motives:(a serbian immigrant who did not like Lindh's activity in the conflict) and had allegedly shouted at a political poster with Anna Lindh some hours before. Nothing of this has been discussed since but every effort has been made to point out that "this was not a political murder". Interestingly enough the suspected and freed murderer of former Prime Minister Olof Palme reportedly showed similar political aggression, although his drug influence has not been connected directly (but maybe in-directly to the psycho-state). The idea was basically that the social democratic Palme was ássassinated by an international killer sent by some powerful right wing organization abroad or, at least, by some coordinated right wing cell within the Swedish police - not a Swedish drug addict/long-term criminal roaming the streets of Stockholm!

When the psychiatrists assessed Anna Lindh's murderer in the first court trial they unanimously declared him fully healthy and he was then sentenced for murder (just like in the Olof Palme case). However, before the second triial the state's Social Board intervened and, on the basis of the same evidence, declared him mentally ill. That means he may get freed in the second court trial (just as the suspected murderer was freed in the case of Olof Palme although Palme's wife Lisbeth stood side by side with her husband and saw the murderer straight in his eyes, immediately after the shooting. But the court of appeal declared her untrustworthy. By whom? Of course by the state's psycho representatives, in direct opposition to the non-state experts' statements! Hence, even if Anna Lindh's murderer gets a jail sentence, thie statement from the state's Social Board will protect those state psychiatrists who had "treated" him. Namely, he is now again considered menatally ill, so obviously he really needed that Rohypnol, or...?!! The dream solution for the psycho state would probably be to sentence him for jail while still being able to describe him as mentally ill, but just as much as neede, so to speak!

One of my best childhood friends sadly became a Maoist too. He is now paid by the state organ SIDA who used to sponsor (leftist) dictators around the globe. We are not friends anymore although I wish we would.