Freud, Charcot and hysteria: lost in the labyrinth
Sex segregation (i.e. rapetivism) in some of its most ridicilous (after Hip Hop?) appearances. Are we still there? AND WHY? What would happen if we let vagina- and penis-people mingle without sex-segregation? Harmageddon? No, but rather would cultural and hindering sex roles level out as they have done and continue to do all the time in most parts of life. Oh my God! Then we might loose the inspiring "differance" between the sexes. Answer NO, we cannot loose HSA (Heterosexual attraction) because it is implanted in our genes, and besides, most sex practices can be performed withous HSA. So why bother about loosing something we cannot loose while we all the time uphold an artificial segregation and, as a consequence, loose half of the world?  Look carefully, transfer the pic below into the realm of today and then continue reading!
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The Hysteric Birth of Psychoanalysis

Could sex-segregation be more naked and better portrayed than in this photo? This is the birthplace of psychoanalysis and feminism (not to be confused with the suffragette movement that paved the way for women's equal rights). Both actually appeared for the first time under those names during the last decade of the 19th Century. Both are intimately intertwined with eachother and may be interpreted as part of a reactionary movement against a changing world order (compare Islam today). After his stay at Charcot's "research" center (see
Psycho-social timeline ) Freud returned to Vienna and became a practising "magnetiseur" who lured money from lonely and rich giving them "therapy".Freud was not a genius but rather quite ordinary although good at focusing at his work and hence capable of producing a massive and well written body of, well, nonsense. But "nonsense" that was in huge demand in a public confused by modernity.

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From Klevius without love.for a more updated view on love, sex and friendship. Additional links then help you to go as deep as yuo like/need in this delicate matter of our time. Ultimately you will face, not a godlike insight by Klevius, but, on thre contrary, the familiar reality out there you have experienced yourself, but, perhaps, through distorting influences from sex segregated politics, psychoanalysis/dynamics, feminism, religion etc.

The root cause of Islamic terrorism is sex-segregation, the main pillar of Islam!

"Their (the Islamic terrorists) comfort in an all-male world begins with the high sex segregation of many of the Muslim communities from which the terrorists draw. While there are great variations among Islamic communities, the sharp tendency is toward sexually segregated societies. Contact between the sexes is tightly restricted by draconian moral codes. Not only are women's faces veiled, so is their behaviour. This means that men and women have relatively little to do with people of the opposite sex."

Islam is doomed to the same faith as Christianity: A toothless secular doctrine with as many interpretations as there are individuals. But how much pain will it take to arrive? And on top of this Islam's gonna eventually be abandoned precisely because of those very texts that made it successful in the first place!

But is it only Islamists who are trapped in sex segregation?

"...both (African-American Hip Hoppers) males and females frequently displayed their distrust of females as a group..."

As Chinese girls were beginning to play the game in the 1920's, so their English counterparts were being told that football was "quite unsuitable for females" in a pompously worded Football Association edict which at a stroke halted the rapid progress being made."

Klevius' mixed sex soccer. Balls are a girl's best friend.

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Ever thought about the limited (in fact, sometimes even counteracting) interest feminists use to give female soccer? Well this is quite logical of many reasons, e.g. that soccer has a male history, that it emphasizes and develops spatial/motoric skills that are usually considered "masculine", that it threatens the "femininity", that it diffuses the cultural borders between the sexes, etc. etc..

Read about the famous Dick, Kerr Ladies soccer team 1921 and how sex segregation ended it in the words of a female London physician:
"The game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged,"

How to become  a good female soccer player? A quick look at the history of Sweden's best Wórld Cup players gives the obvious answer. Play/excersise wiith boys/males until the overall culture of female soccer has improved!
The rejection of mixed sex sport practise and competition is based on not only false but also biased (sex-segregated) views. And do not fall into the trap of "feminine" soccer! Remember the ridiculous "ringette" in ice hockey and the Swedish sponsor who wanted girls to play in "sexy" skirts. Read more here! .

The impossible idea of "genderized" treatment.

The passion for sex segregation is turning tragic when people miss treatment because they have "the wrong sex", i.e. males/females who suffer from diseases etc. that are supposed to belong (statistically) to the opposite sex. See
What's sex segregation? and Definition of feminism!.

Is the statistical sex-roler (sex stereotype)  bullying humans?

The ridicilous myth (sex segregation) of a usable statistical male and female comparison is often described as a question like: Is it OK that females, who physically perform (statistically) less than males, should carry equally heavy backpackers? The obvious answer to this is that it makes no sense to apply to sex in this comparison because the differences between the sexes are smaller than within the sexes (just imagine if there are some sporty girls climbing with untrained and smoking computer boys). And if we strive for fairness it's totally OK as long as it reflects reality, not idealized gender! This is why it's so important to consider
Klevius' definition of the holy negative human rights when dealing with issues about sex segregation (also see Klevius' definition of feminism).

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Sex segregation in sports etc - heroic women and some tiny men!
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The Hysteric Roots of Psychodynamics and Psychoanalysis
"...Sex Segregation of Friendship Networks. Individual and Structural Determinants
of Having Cross-Sex Friends
Thanks to a scholarship in 1885, Freud visited his main idol, Jean Charcot, "the Napoleon of Neuroses" and known as "the greatest neurologist of his time" (H. Ellenberger 1970:89), here giving a fake lecture on "hysteria in women" at his institute.(a former poor house for women) in Paris where he attempted to establish a medical monopoly over hypnosis based on contemporary ideas on sex segregation. When Freud returned to Vienna he made his living by "treating" wealthy "hysteric" women. (see Klevius' Psycho Timeline). It is an irony that most of the women performing "hysteria" at Charcot's institute were from the lower classes, in sharp contrast to those women who then became treated by his former students. Who are the great fakes of our time?

Psycho-timeline revealing Freud's misogyny!
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