Peter Klevius'* profile from the Vagina gate in the atom of kinship to the Social state and its Homo Filius Nullius** (see below). A relentless defense against evil, totalitarian -isms threatening the holy negative human rights!

A dedication to Edth Södergran

Looking for a bibliography & a lot of texts? Well, stop it, and rather focus on the info offered. My only book so far Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor contains most of my thoughts on 71 pages. OK, that's two pages short of the  only book Ludwig Wittgenstein (the mentor of my mentor G. H. von Wright) published during his lifetime. But you can't always win, can you! By the way, my plain language is purposeful and part of my Scandinavian/Finnish-Swedish (Sweden was initially Finnish/Saamic) ethnicity (in the he/she vs. hän*** borderline between PIE and Finnish, "Europe's oldest language?"). Although some unfounded/evil -isms may appear nice in styled/biased texts, my intention is the opposite. In the preface to Demand for Resources - on the right to bee poor (1992) I introduced the concept "critical European tradition of thought (always on the bottom of the agenda)" created by outcasts (as most of us are now) in "the history of alienation". G. H. von Wright was enthusiastic of the main thesis (although he feared the text was too concentrated and "aphoristic" to be properly understood by many - judge for yourself if you master Swedish, or wait until the English version is ready). And although we shared a critical view on "demand for resources", I cowardly avoid forecasts abt the future, mainly because I don't see how/why to stop technological advancements, only safe-guarding some basic human rights, incl. economic/educational and health  security. Furthermore, contrary to GHvW I'm unable to trace any genius in Freud (see a revealing timeline on Freud's own hysteria), only a too average (not to say populist) fear of de-sex segregation. Also I'm afraid that Islam, if given a hand, wouldn't lick it but rather cut it off. And even the expressed aim (in Koran etc) is more than enough! The pan-Arabic formula: Confine (sex segregate)  females as institutionalised reproducers (physical and cultural) of Arabic Islam.  I.e. a sort of sex segregated language imperialism (also used by non-Arabic fascists). Moreover this sex segregation is born out of and results in an evil cycle of chauvinism that forces females even deeper behind a cultural veil of sex segregation, the most pathetic backlash for females being Muslim feminism.

In Finnish (like in most non-Semitic/non-Indo-European languages) there's no he/she segregation, only "hän" for both sexes. Also see the transition from Finno-Ugrian to Indo-European some 7500 years ago. About the Asian birth of what we now consider the "modern human" species see Out of Africa as "Pygmies" and back as global "Mongoloids". In this context you may also read abt the Mongoloid complex!

When the world is now merging into one, there is no more escape from the  logic embedded in the holy 1948 UN Declaration on Universal (negative) Human Rights. The main fascist/racist/sexist threat, in the meantime, is Islam (incl. hard lunatics and their soft and hypocritical, stealthy supporters) with its totalitarian view that only those (non-"infidels") who submit to the (positive, i.e. prescriptive) "last words" of Koran and the "Allah" described in it (according to Islam's inherent arbitrary and irresponsible  interpretations of the actual day, person and situation - see What's true Islam?), can be considered real humans (see Definition of religion). The totalitarian sign of Islam is its solution to everything and nothing!

This is Peter Klevius' - the ultimate Swede* - sounding-board on attachment, race/sex segregation and Homo Filius Nullius** - the "illegitimate" global wo/man. I lost my "manhood"*** (my "hystericized site of a displaced sex") long ago and don't miss it a bit! My body/mind interaction is explained on EMAH - the Even More Astonishing Hypothesis, and my evolution on Out of Africa as "Pygmies" and back as global "Mongoloids". My definition of religion has little to do with Mideast "religions" and "external gods" (although I'm amused by the concept of pastafarianism, true religion has to be analyzed out of patterns of kinship and attachment, rather than as militaristic or political movements in conflict with negative human rights).

* A Swedish/Finnish (the countries were one for >600 years) hybrid between the  old
M173 "Aurignacian" kin lineage (all of us belong to it now, one way or another) and the ultra-modern Nordic social state, a polito-bureaucratic black hole that use to eat everything from families to éthnicities etc.

*) filius nullius is an old legal term for illegitimate children. Homo Filius Nullius is my naming of a new social  human race that is rapidly evolving throughout the world. I don't know whether s/he is evil, good or neutral but I think s/he should be debated.  I myself possess several traces of this evolution although I clearly recognize some very archaic traits as well.

***) In my teens I met a cute and sexy girl who took my "manhood" by saying that it was so relaxing when I didn't try to push her in bed. Maybe she hadn't realized that that was exactly what I was trying to do, but under cover. But her comment really changed my approach and suddenly I realized what my sex segregated upbringing had confused me about, namely that: a) she was a human being, and that that was what I really wanted (and that I could appreciate and survive her beauty without necessarily fucking her if she wasn't 100 % for it. And if there should be sex, why always fucking when there are at least one million other options available?), and  b) that she didn't really understand herself the power of her biological hetero sexual attraction (see
HSA). HSA hence dazzled both of us but in different ways. I didn't really see her through the HSA fog and she didn't realize how strongly my initial interest was directed towards her body. That had profoundly distorted our understanding of each other (sometimes HSA may also help cover a girl's incompetency, though). I realized the selfevident fact that men and women aren't after all from Mars and Venus but from Tellus! (Read more about Klevius vs. Irigaray) on From Klevius without love

Girls! If you like to rule your own life, don't follow the path of sex segregated, lunatic Islamists & Feminists! Sharia & Feminism actually share the same passion for difference, so when you are in, you are trapped (albeit feminism may not be that personally dangerous after all)!

How many more deaths will
oil-fueled, sex segregated pan-Arabic/Islamic brainwashing cause among Jihadists in need of care and their victims? If you are a Muslim and think you are a better person than a non-Muslim/"unbeliever"/-"infidel" etc, then you are not, but on the contrary, a racist/sexist totalitarian fascist! (see Klevius negative human rights page and Klevius definition of religion)!
A Free Open Internet AIQ*) Source Code emerging from the relationship between Negative Human Rights, Sex Segregation and Homo Filius Nullius (see above).

*) AIQ refers to a technical/human (AI = artificial intelligence, and IQ = human intelligence)  blend and evolution of thoughts that now has become more potent than ever before by the help of the large scale and global introduction of Internet and similar technologies.

This site (started in March 2004) is intended to be an intellectual (how intellectual depends on You and Your contributions) free ware. I will start it by offering an incomplete, rudimentary and most probably even confused intellectual starting code, full of bugs, revolving around the topics of Homo Filius Nullius (the modern human social hermit  with superficial attachment to others in the web of the social state etc) and sex segregation (i.e. reactionary attitudes from feminists and  fundamentalists towards vanishing/ed sex-roles). The former issue will    include the question put forward in my book Demand for Resources (1992), namely whether there still exists a right/possibility to be poor (i.e. to live in a balanced, low scale, resource harmony) for individuals, families, ethnic groups, states etc., in a dynamic and politicized economic realm (also compare the fate of Bushmen; Aborigines, Negritos and many others, e.g. not as yet categorized urban or rural dwellers.).

Homo Filius Nullius is a yet un-published book by P. Klevius based on the findings in
Resursbegär - Demand  for Resources (1992).

Sweden is possibly the world's welfare model (Social state) number one and as you can see from the chart below Sweden is in the most extreme (egoistic/individualistic) position in the
World Values Survey. Although individualism is often .described as positive per se we might benefit from looking at the negative aspects as well. Loneliness, violence/criminality and girls trapped in a gender-apartheid with disastrous effects on their lives. Already in 1994-1996 I wrote about this particular problem (as Mary Woolstonecraft did from her point of view some two centuries ago) in many articles, e.g. in Angels of Antichrist , and Socialstatens Döttrar (Daughter's of the Social State). Now the Swedish government has officially admitted the problem by launching a Girl-project aimed to deal with the Swedish girl's low selfesteem, self-destructivness and (media)confused world-view.

Psychoanalysis and feminism seem always to have followed as a reaction (lubricant between segregated worlds, if you like) when real progress (narrowing) for women had already become discussed/performed (compare early suffragette, economy, sports etc etc)! More on Love and Sex or the links below 
   Please help me with this rudimentary attempt to deal with the most monstruous of issues in the world of today/tomorrow! If the topics and angles sounds familiar and you agree/disagree - please  shoot! And if you don't feel enough comfortable with the topics to have an opinion - just do some home-work or ask.  
    I'm an intellectual coward so if you (whoever you are) give me REASON to even the remotest suspicion of being lost I will immediately change the site, my mind and/or even my world-view! I really want to avoid writing stupidities on these pages so please help me get rid of them! But be sure you know yourself what you want to say! Or study/discuss/evolve it on the site!
P. Klevius' intellectual profile (which he doesn't take any credits or responsibilities for precisely because he is the only one who cannot contribute to his own personhood. This should, of course, not confuse the fact that he is, indeed, reasonably responsible/forgiven for his acts within the realm of actual and factual social setttings).

(If you are interested in P. Klevius' personhood you may also take a look Inside Klevius' mind)

- a believer in the thesis that
sex segregation is a key and crucial player not only in the rude form of fundamentalism but also in an all-embracing, "psychoanalytic/feminist" tradition that has strangled us for about a century (calm down, I'm not gonna come up with any substitute - I doubt we need one until you have convinced me that we do). The positioning of sex segregated thinking has changed and become more sophisticated over  time (until it fell back to its Medieval model) but it's still basically the same (e.g. the fact that chauvinists and feminists share the same basic concern about up-held sex segregation  - a passion for a difference outside hetero-eroticism and procreation).

- non-political in a conventional sense but maybe a  mix between right (liberty) and non-state left/green. I oppose state-socialism but  approve a (global) system of direct transfer to all (incl Bill Gates) of a low level of basic income/insurance/education net combined with the elimination of taxes on work (also compare
Fair Tax Act); but instead increased taxation on consumption on  what we might term resource-demanding luxuries - i.e. decided by the people through a  democratic process as close to the people as possible. Consequently I support a limited state model. We cannot, in the long run, avoid decreased taxation on work if we want to have jobs, so why not solve it once and for future? And an index regulated global re-allocation of resources is easy to administer through new froms of bio-IDs (to the individuals directly, not to the governments) The only real opponents to this (inevitable) scenario are in fact the state institutions and some of its bureaucrats and politicians! Of course we need democratic representation and a power system to protect our negative human rights, but just a fraction of the spendings of a modern welfare state (social state)may be enough! OK it's a hell of a job and we do need politicians to make the diplomacy and arrangements necessary, but the sooner we start the sooner we get the  job done because we cannot avoid this development anyway (Or should we let the lunatic fundamentalists globalize and rule the planet?)! Lowering wages and wage differences between regions, as well as making possible shorter working days so people can improve their internal (marriage, family, friendship; etc) attachment without necessarily even lowering their net income! All of this should be seen in the light of a necessary removal of borders for the free movement of people just as work and money. Out-sourcing national dynamics in the creation of an international entropy   - the global village. The worst problem in this process might, in fact, be EU, Because of a lagging technology EU was created as a fortress against the competition from Japanese super high tech, Although the US (under Clinton) did try to stop the import of Lexus cars and other super quality products, the US relation with Japan has on average been much more relaxed and cooperative, not to say even marriaged in a symbiotic technological/economic relation.

- a non-believer in Freud and psychoanalysis (Please, don't underestimate this, I've read silly Freud critics too! - also see Klevius Psychosocial Freud timeline). PA/feminism is a reactionary movement - born out of confused modernity. Thus PA/feminisms in all forms are desperate attempts to artificially uphold vanishing sex-roles - not always that far from  fundamentalism. But my perhaps most serious criticism comes from the fact that Freud himself fits so well in the demands of the "hysteric" Vienna on the verge of modernity. Almost as there was a reservation made for him (or some other medioker thinker with equally good writing skills)! Where Freud had no problems selling his scientifical hoax (Have you seen his bibliography?), the real genius from Vienna, Wittgenstein, had tremendous problems in publishing the first (73 pp) of his two books (the other one he didn't even finish himself). Freud was equally inevitable and successful as his sister, feminism, not because of anything scientific but precisely because of a lack of it (although Freud himself was stupid enough to believe that the scientific key to psychoanalysis must have been hidden somewhere, he couldn't just find it).In fact, the scientific key is synonymous with the borderline problem of psychoanalysis (explained in Homo Filius Nullius by P. Klevius. Also see EMAH). The pathology of psychoanalysis has gone so far that critics are accused of being in need for psychoanalysis. Of course they are! How else could psychoanalysis get rid of them?

- As an informed unbeliever(see
Definition of religion)/infidel I, of course, "suffer" from Islamophobia (but also see my Definition of religion =  tie back/roots). I name, what I think others conceive as God (a name often given  as an explanation for one's own unexplainable thoughts and acts), "uncertainty", i.e. the unreachable (chaos). We live in the center of our bubbles of  existence-centrism; which prevents us from God-like mightyness but also boosts our ethno/sex-centrism with all its bias and prejudice..

A simple question to discover religious fundamentalism and/anti-human rights people: Do you agree that every human  being is equally valuable and human no matter if s/he is/becomes religious or not?

- straight but not homophobic (although I think there is a tremendous and entrapping exaggeration of sex out there). I believe in upheld bio-kinship ties as well as in friendship based on total openness within its domain - observe that FS can be 100 % in its domain no matter of the size of the domain!

- a connectionist rather than a symbolist in AI (artificial intelligence) matters. I feel suspicious about the term "representations"! Also read
EMAH - The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis.

- I'm pretty sex- and race-blind and I've lost my cultural manhood/masculinity long ago. Can't say I miss it!

- Marriage should be based either on bio-kinship/procreation or free for everyone - make your pick..But why make friendship dependent on sex? And why can't we marry (i.e. legalize our relations to) our grown-up children or siblings? This provocation should be understood in the light of the fact that close kins today are the only individuals that are not allowed to officially establish their friendship. And should individuals who cannot or refuse to procreate due to age, belief, personal preferences etc. be denied marriage?
Why it really matters that Obama is a born Muslim who conceales his Islamic trap (that he can't leave Islam without committing apostasy) while Ali reveals hers!


also see below the formula of Islam!

On how the Viking concept rests on the selling of kidnapped slave girls to Islam after having slain their families

among top sites on MSN searches (2005/2/9): Definition of religion
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Was Jesus religious?

- plus many others. The influence of Klevius' unsponsored & independent* IQ-fuelled sites & blogs against racism/sexism, grow faster than oil-fueled racist/sexist Islam & al-Jazeera, despite the support they get from Western "bourgeois socialists"!!
* no personal hatred, involvement, ties etc to the subject or to Arabs or any other groups  - only the rage caused by Islam's deliberate spreading of anti-human rights contempt/sexism/totalitarianism! Klevius is anti-sexist, anti-racist and not a believer in monolitheist religions.

P. Klevius: "
As a human I have no country, only the world"

P. Klevius: August Strindberg announced the death of the father in 1887. "Feminists then shot the patriarch while the state took the children" (Klevius 1996). May I now suggest euthanasia for the mother (see
Angels of Antichrist and Childless child psychoanalysts in search for womanhood/femininity)

IS 1400 YRS OF ISLAM THE WORST CRIME EVER? ISLAMIC SEX-MISSIONARY: Arabs "married" & confined helpless girls/women after their menfolk had been killed/enslaved. Sharia made it possible to marry/divorce several times a day, and to keep unlimited number of concubines - hence strongly supporting the spread of Islam!

SEX SEGREGATION - the evil past in front of us!
First we
fertilize sex segregation and then, when the kids can't cope anymore, we use it as an excuse for even more
neo-sex segregation in schools!

"Seperate schools for boys up to 16 and girls up to 18" is the demand of Black Muslims in US!

SEX SEGREGATION, FEMINISM & RELIGION NEWS: Black Bimbos & Rambos submit to sexist Arabic Islam

Klevius' psycho-timeline
From Freud to bin Laden

A Swedish "study" measured "discrimination" by comparing whites & "Mideasterners" only. Why?! Mideasterners are often Islamists! Why not (scientifically) include non-Muslim blacks, "Mongoloids" etc?!

The forgotten (Islamic) Holocaust: The Arab Slave Trade is the longest yet least discussed

for the sake of Islam itself, the truth of its teachings should not be so clearly expressed..."

ISLAMOLOGY FOR NAIVES: Islam respects a sparrow but not a human who refuses Allah! S/he isn't even considered a human but even less worthy than a sparrow. This is the totalitarian soul of Islam!
All Muslims ought to openly abandon the totalitarian, racist, sexist and fascist Islamic idea of "infidels" as less worthy than themselves! And if they continue sucking Arabic oil money and the blood delivered by mentally/socially disturbed Islamic lunatics (or that, for example, "bin Ladin had a point") no one should take them seriously!

Islam is ultimately hmophobic and intolerant

What if Marx and Engels had been deemed prophets of God and the Communist Manifesto a holy book?

Comparing Islam to Nazism Calls for its Ban!

Dr Rice and the Trojan horse in Mideast
Swedish leftist-feminist makes million bargain while poor Swedish mothers are forced to  sell Chrismas sex

From Klevius without love: sex, kinship & friendship

What is sex segregation?

Are the Swedes the world's worst shop-lifters?
and the world's most immoral citizens?

Klevius' News Desk - Arab/Islamic Sudan genocide, gang rape cultures, non-Hip Hop high tech etc.

Swedish feminist politician makes million bargain while poor Swedish mothers are forced to sell Christmas sex!

Out of Africa as Pygmies and back as global "Mongoloids"

Sex segregation from Freud to bin Ladin
Klevius' definition of religion
Attachment and "pathological symbiosis"

ISLAM & FEMINISM share the same sex segregation

Main page AIQ net & World Values Survey

Theo van Gogh's film SUBMISSION
Toys R Us reported to the Council of Ethics for sex segregating commercials

The fundamentalists (i e lunatic Islamic terrorists in all shapes) play a cruel game with the life of poor and innocent people whom they have brain-washed to a racist hatered and despise against non-Muslims.
Childless psychoanalysts in search for femininity
World Values Survey
Sex segregation is a pain in the butt for all of us but this inherited problem peaks and bursts in Islam!

There is no other God than uncertainty and every your effort to capture it makes it you
(but see Definition of Religion)!

If you name uncertainty God, and make statements and rules out of this uncertainty, then these rules do not reflect “the will of God” but your own (lunatic?) worldview.Hence the only social moral codex possible to protect others from you is the “bubble of freedom” (protection against impositions) outlined in the first (negative) part of the UN human rights declaration!

What is sex segregation, the soul of Islam? Find out

Muslim fanatism:
"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant, " he said. "The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth,"

Mulla Omar (the lunatic and sexist Islamic taliban leader): "US forces the obscene Western culture on the Afgan people under the cover of democracy" (i. e. obviously he doesn't like the idea that women should be able to choose for themselves! Isn't it funny then that many of his supporters are leftist feminists?

"It is time now for Muslims around the globe to stop hiding their unwillingness to accept non-Muslims as equals! Cut the racist/sexist ties to fundamentalistic Islam or admit that you are a terrorist yourself! It's naive and counter productive to underestimate lunatic's Islam, hence prolonging the suffering they cause!"

"Anti-Jihad" (A holy war for unbelievers' right not to "believe" in sexist/fascist Islamic totalitarianism) against bin Laden and his lunatic, sexist Islamic/Muslim murderers/rapists who sponge on and desecrates the holy Negative Human Rights they deny others! Did Bush, Condy and Blair get it right after all?

”Western people have a difficult time comprehending Islam because they fail to understand that it is a form of cultural imperialism … fueled by a subtle form of racism in which seventh-century Arabian culture …is to be imposed (by force if necessary) on all other cultures” (Morey in Legacy of Terror p 3).
Ultimately the world is now forced to make its pick: Negative human rights or fundamentalist handcuffs? Of course the former should and will win, but to what cost? How much more suffering will the lunatic Islamic/Muslim fundamentalists, and their Imams/clerics and Western supporters, still cause?

Islam is NOT monotheistic!


In the end feminism is the only hope for sexist 
sex segregated, totalitarian Islam (a sad irony isn't it?)!

Iraq now reveals an Arabic/Islamic racism so deep and confused by the Koran schools that no one, neither Iraqis nor "Westerners", could possibly have foreseen it before the liberation.




Rosa Park's white sister
Also see Death of Linda, 13



Sweden, the most lost (
and "immoral"?) people in the world (also see World Values Survey and Angels of Antichrist) is an open target for Arabic fascist Islam based on totalitarianism and  ultimate sex segregation.

Strange that the worst slave traders now hide  as "colored"!
The REAL defender of girls/women
World's foremost anti-fascist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Spiegel interview
Feb 6, 2006
Racism/sexism induced by Islam?
Locations of visitors to this page
Ever thought abt why Islam is always excused and removed from its consequences?

On behalf of today's and historical victims of Islam (in Darfur and globally), and on behalf of all humans who feel offended by the tenets/acts of Islam. Why isn't the worst crime ever against humanity criminalized, but instead protected by the very human rights it opposes?!

The root formula of Islam: Slavery+"infidel" racism+sex segregated rapetivism+anti human rights Sharia/apostasy ban. Why isn't the worst* crime ever against humanity criminalized?!
* i.e. 1400 years of slavery/rapetivism/genocides

Without these evil racist/sexist/fascist extremist pillars and violent terror threats from so called "unislamic"* and confused morons Islam is dead!

Slavery (forbidden all over the world except in Koran/Islam) - It's well known that Islam allows slavery, although perhaps less well known that Islam emerged out of the very idea of sponging on institutionalized slavery. This is why Saudi islamofascist dictators, imams etc. terrorists and terrorist supporters still don't understand that the Koran is completely wrong, not only because it allows slavery but especially in claiming to be some "god's" unchangeable word hence excluding even the possibility of reformation!
"Infidel" racism (forbidden according to the UN declaration on every humans equal value, but a basic tenet of Koran/Islam) - The moral cornerstone needed for taking slaves and abusing others. Today this alluring but evil racism is utilized in a variety of topics from the people of Darfur to the West in particular or general.
Rapetivism (globally forbidden because it's not in accordance with the principle that a person's sex shouldn't be used as a regulator of that person's freedom, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Rigid sex segregation for the purpose of abusing Islam confined girls/women as physical and cultural reproducers of as many new Muslims as possible.
Sharia (forbidden in a democracy simply because it violates democracy and, like the other Islamic pillars, a bunch of human rights that democracy rests on) - Islam's jurisprudence for sex segregated rapetivism, apostasy ban etc. Ehsan Jami (Dutch ex-muslim): "We have an enormous problem with apostasy in Islam. We see a lot of problems where people want to leave Islam but they can't,"
Apostasy ban (forbidden because it limits a person's freedom of or from religion, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Children (commonly from birth) and adults (commonly via marriage/rape) are forced to become and stay Muslims.
These cannot be erased by mere "interpretations" but needs deep reformist castration! And in this sense "majority Muslims" are tightly connected to Islamic extremism, i.e. to Islam itself. And if that's just because of plain ignorance abt Islam they better educate themselves, e.g. in a Koran school true to the Koran and Islam! When coming out they then have two choices: Becoming an "extremist" (open or stealthy) or abandoning the message alltogether!

That Islam (Koran) allows and even encourages psychological and physical wife beating is just one of an abundance of "minor" ripples of the main pillars above. The naivity of Muslim feminism may be exemplified by Asghar Ali: "...shari'ah also clearly lays down that if a man hides his impotency from his bride at the time of marriage and she discovers it after marriage, she is fully entitled to divorce on that ground. This itself clearly shows that she is entitled to sexual pleasure along with raising family." Rising what family?! The only reason for this rule is to safeguard that no woman fails to reproduce as many Muslims as possible!

The victims of Islam often reveal the same lojalty conflict as allegedly do victims of child abuse. However, some don't.

Ehsan Jami (a young Dutch politician): "People think I am a radical. They think I hate Muslims, but ... it is the ideology which is the problem and not the people themselves."

So why isn't the human rightsphobia we call Islam globally criminalized and indicted, and how come that many a "democracy" seem to care more abt islamofascist terrorists than supporting the war on islamofascist terror?! And why are we supposed to ask islamist imams, professors etc for advice?! It's like asking Goring how to deal with Hitler and his terrorist youth! The likely answer: "Don't question, criticize or mess with us but support us!"
Origin of mosque & Arab/Islamic racism/sexism