Arafat allegedly
suffered from AIDS! If that's true the "Islamic silence" abt the cause of death really makes sense.

UNDP report:
Arab women, the report found, are almost universally denied advancement. Half of them still cannot read or write. The maternal mortality rate is double that of Latin America and four times that of East Asia

"Sex segregation is a Saudi national obsession"
In the hell of the Paris' gang rape culture               Islamic/Arabic oil colonization through Africa: Sudan-Tchad-Nigeria
Islamic Gang Rape Culture in San Francisco?

The Sudan, a saga of genocide and enslavement.
                                                    Sex segregation from Freud to bin Ladin
N suppresses its own report on ‘the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis’
slamists seem to have a problem with oil and sex too, don't they, Michael Moore? Shame on YOU!
The real weapon of mass destruction has been found: Islamic fundamentalism!

"...within a generation or so we will live in a fully and truly Islamic World."                    Vagina Gate and the Social Atom

Sudan, once promoted as the bridge between the Arab and African worlds, is distinguished by human rights abuses arising from the government's determination to create an Arab Islamic state. It discriminates against and marginalizes non-Arabs and non-Muslims, who make up 60 percent and 40 percent respectively of the 27 million population.

Sudan 'blocking US aid workers'           African holocaust: 1200 year of Arab slave trade under the banner of Islam
"Arabs Murder and Rape, Inc."

Voices from the net (Mindset of Pakistanis favouring 1971 Genocide): "The question of remorse or guilt feeling does not arise at all. You see, the Pak army did not rape any women. They simply enjoyed the flesh of non-Muslims.  Even if there were some excessive force being applied, there is no need to feel guilty about that. The ubiquitous Milad is there; the Hajj is there too to remove even the slightest trace of culpability. A serial killer is a psychologically sick person. He gets pleasure in seeing the suffering of a dying person in his hands. But deep down, the serial killer knows that what he is doing is wrong. He is surely aware of the eventual punishment if he is caught. That is why, most serial killers readily admit their crime and on many occasions regret of their actions when he recovers from his sickness. How about the perpetrators of a genocide? They are perfectly normal.
"...some Islamic-interest Web sites frequented by young men appeared to be "fascinated with violence."
"In many cases, the violence of a band of young men against a girl is considered a rite of sexual initiation to prove one'smanhood,"  "...the penetration was oral or anal; vaginal sex would have stolen the girls' virginity"...

The Ministry of Health is enforcing segregation of men and women at medical seminars and lectures after reports that doctors and other hospital staff were mixing freely on such occasions

.Muslim identity comes to centre around Muslim women who then become the identity marker in the Islamic polity".

N. Indian Militants Force Sex Segregation

The religious police in Saudi Arabia exercise their power  enforcing dress codes and sex segregatio
These features result in a flatter upper face and a more protruding zygomaxillary region in the Minatogawa I than the average of those of the former three skull groups and even those of the Mongoloid skulls so far known (Yamaguchi, 1973, 1980). This suggests that the Minatogawa man belongs to one of the Mongoloid races.

“on the whole, however, the Liukiang specimen shows clearly its Mongoloid racial affinities”.
"...most of the Pleistocene fossil Australian crania are rounder-skulled than modern (Australian Aborigines) ones"
Using genetic research to study human migration patterns.         Mongoloid complex .
Used cars: The best (mainly Japa-nese) & worst (mainly the rest)
KLEVUX + World Values Survey     SEX-SEGREGATION, the heart of Islam & terrorism
Mazda Luce 1963/64. OHC, Alu top, 50/50% weight distrib. etc. (Tokyo MS 1963). The most beautiful and reliable (compared to its time) sedan ever made? Did BMW copy it? After the 1992 le Mans win Mazda's rotary engine was, of course, excluded!
Not only did Honda NSX ridicule Ferrari & Co in 1990. 2004 Toyota Volta Hybrid was the world's first "green" AWD super sport car!
Nissan Skyline GTR ATESSA AWD (2700 cc 6 cyl 280-1600 hp)  - the Japanese legend that Lam-bourghini Gallardo (5000 cc) was aimed to beat - more than a decade later! But consider huge difference in quality and Toyota Volta/Lexus LF-S! Skyline has the world record for legal cars abt 350 km/h on a German (!) autobahn (unofficial >380 km/h)!
Honda Jazz 1981- the first mini MPW. Huge mpg and 55-110 hp (2WD or AWD). By far best handling and most spacious for its class and time. Fun to drive and very reliable. When Renault Twingo appeared more than a decade later it was an unreliable copy of this car, equipped with a poor engine that usually over-heated or broke down because of other quality problems!
According to a Swedish study Japanese brands are rarely involved in accidental car fire. Among the most dangerous were all the German brands!  The same applies to old TVs.
Now when Ford and others have bought hybrid-technology from Japan we should remember the pioneering Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.
Japanese technology always ahead of its time. Why? Shinttoism?
Subaru cars & telescopes
1984 Subaru AWD, fast and savy  boxer-turbo, 7000r/mim, computer controlled electropneum. suspension, 10 gears, auto level control and RELIABILITY! (Audi's similar, but expensive and un-reliable, came 2002!).
Ostentious Euro-VULGO belongs to the hiphoppers garage. But is there a pro-European and anti-Mongoloid racism  out there? Rational thinking and technology gives no reason to buy Eurocars - buying German vulgo-cars  is just an expensive road to a cheapo life?
Stolen in Europe: Seiko FIFA 2002 Kinetic Chronograph
Unlike the religious heritage from Mid-East, East-Asian cultures often  seem to produce more tech andt less criminality.
Out of Africa as Pygmies and back as "Mongoloids"?
Takuri  Type 3 (1907): The first car genuinely Made in Japan
Toyota Alessandro Volta
Sex segregation (?) and Human Rights (?)
Tech examples that might embarrass Hip Hop artists and EU (the fortress built to keep Japanese competition away). So it's both prejudices AND politics that kept EU consumers unaware of Prius, Insight or other top products for years!
Seiko's battery free kinetic/-electric chronographs 2002
Mazda Luce Rotary pics
The Fast and the Furious
The Swedish soccer heroine Victoria Svensson drives a Prius.  The only balls smart girls really need are soccer balls!
also see Anthropology on Sports
Toyota's "Solution to Pollution"
Take the Fundamentalist test! Are you a sexist/fascist racist? Then abandon your system of belief!
SWEDEN      (also see Interdisciplinary News: Is Arabic Islam the worst crime ever? ).

Second state official murderer freed in an aim to protect the psycho-state
Swedish state supported child trafficing to pedphiles "in the best interest of the child".
Is the official Sweden and Swedish state sponsored media committing "state terrorism"?
The Swedish criminal & justice system - unbeliavable facts
Sweden "missed"/suppressed the news that Islamist murdered Dutch Islam critic and  film maker!
(DID YOU HEAR ME MICHAEL MOORE!?            SUBMISSION  by Theo van Gogh
In 1959 a European 125 cc bike (BSA) produced less than 5 hp while Honda's equivalent but  extremely beautiful CB92 did 15 hp! Same year as Nikon F!
The Veil Trap backlash
Japan is the main aid giver but when will Islam pay for 1400 years of evil?
Origin of Islam
Sex segregation feminism and religion
Definition of negative human rights
What is sex segregation?
Misogynic Hip Hop
RAPETIVISM in Hip Hop/Islam
Honda's world leading fuel cell car FCX
News Desk Misc.
Jihad fundamentalist lunatics constitute the real soul of Islam!

The most dangerous brands?:
BMW, VW & Peugeot
plus, of course, perhaps the worst, Volvo
which, apart from burning very easily,
has much more than the average of safety problems related to poor build quality. Also see
Feds Look at Volvo Safety Issues

According to Swedish Folksam's insurance statistics on car fires only one out of the 55 most dangerous cars in Sweden was Japanese, whereas 34 out of the 47 least dangerous cars were Japanese (with Toyota and Honda in top)!
(See results at the bottom of this page).

Although Japanese technology, in its "relentless pursuit for perfection", always has created
the world's best swords, and the Arabs usually got their inferior ones from others, it seems that the latter ones have been in much more frequent usage for submission throughout history than the former!

HAYABUSA’s mission: to bring back samples from an asteroid and investigate the mysteries of the birth of the solar system. This Japanese ultra technology, and world unique performance, isn't even reported in Sweden, so far (9/2005)!?

The world's best car? A hint - it's Japanese!:
"...the best car we ever tested..."

2006 Consumer report:
"After Lexus, Honda and Toyota, the brands rounding out the top ten for reliability were Mitsubishi, Subaru, Acura, Scion, Mercury, Mazda and Suzuki. The ten lowest-rated brands were Audi, Infiniti, Saturn, Lincoln, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Hummer and Porsche."

On the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show Toyota's hybrid car Prius appeared for the first time. In a decade late try to "catch-up", the world's non-Japanese auto giants now show concept hybrid cars to be produced in 2007 or maybe 2008! An Audi Q7 concept car with decade old hybrid tech is almost equally laughable and revealing of European technological incompetency as is BMW:s concept car, which isn't even a real hybrid in the usual sense because of its lousy electrical performance!

Apart from what is said below you might consider the fact that Japanese brands on average face a far less risk of bursting into flames, than do European cars (see note above)! Especially Volvo and French cars, but also all the German brands, are much often involved in accidental or even spontaneous car fire. Although this is well in line with previous studies on TV-fires, which found that European brands were involved up to 50 times more often than similar Japanese and Korean brands, Volvo and others continue to talk safety! When a Swedish mother left her child for day care, she found her new Volvo X90 in spontanenous flames after having left it for a few minutes. Luckily she took her older child with her inside the day care center! These kinds of stories are very common. So next time you buy a car you may reconsider the safety issue, especially the one that concerns the real life situation where you want to use your car.

In the hey days of US motoring in the 50's and 60's low gas price, good  highways and a demand for drivability emphasizing easyness, space and power, led to the production of passenger cars that basically consisted of a truck engine placed between two iron bars and covered with flimsy space-wing design, and with brakes, steering, shockabsorbers etc that, by no means, were able to handle the heavy package. It's an irony that this was done during a period when US technology produced such amazing and still mostly unbeaten products as B-52, X-15, Apollo, etc etc!

Today the European car makers continue this tradition (except that the Europeans lack modern high tech) by making unaware people believe it's COOL with stylished heavy cars equipped with truck engines  etc.! But the European automotive success started with Hitler's revenge on the after-world, the notorious Beetle with a weak engine in the rear (Porsche is basically an expensive Beetle) that consumed fuel like a strong engine, had no heating system whatsoever (You got a stream of very hot air spotted on your right little toe, though!). The engine usually broke down on one third of the miles an average Japanese corresponding (but comparatively safe) ones. The tradition of German dangerous cars started with Beetle. So, for example, was the fuel tank mounted in the very front of the car (so the first thing that happened in a frontal collission was that you were showered by gas - just before the short cut in the electric system!). Beetle also smells and sounds horrible because of poorr emgine technology and poor burning of gas! Did I forget to mention that it became one of the most popular cars ever. Hitler killed many while alive, but how many has his extension, the Beetle, murdered due to its poor quality and dangerous construction?

"Lexus' 380 horsepower 4.6-liter V8 has overtaken BMWs 367 horsepower 4.8-liter V8, and nearly matches Mercedes-Benzs all-new 388 horsepower 5.0-liter V8. Keep in mind the fact that Lexus engineers ensured that the LS 460s motor is even smoother, quieter and more refined, and you begin to see the many ways that theyre superior to the traditional class leaders"

Super h
igh quality, and way ahead of its time, Honda NSX, and every man's "super car" Honda Civic compared to low quality Ferrari/Fiat!

Porsche can't even produce a high tech small car and BMW's Mini is a quality disaster! Compare this to the extreme quality and built-in drivability and Honda high tech feeling (also compare Honda Asimo) in a Civic made for ordinary users! Not to mention high tech Honda Civic hybrid and Civic Fuel Cell (already in traffic and planned to be the first in mass production before 2010).).

BMW (Bad Motoring Waste or is it Black Muslim's hip hop Wagon made by whites) vs. top tech japanese Honda

(also read abt the BMW's pathetic 335i (2007) turbo polluter below!

Honda suffers in F1 because of lousy French Michelin tyres. Honda needs Japanese Bridgestone!

Honda named most reliable car maker, followed by four other Japanese brands. European Mercedes was 10th, Porsche 14th and BMW 17th among 30 cars. The worst car was a French Renault!
Lexus ranked first for the 11th consecutive year (2005) in the authoritative J D Power Vehicle Dependability Study (Euros: BMW 11th, Mercedes-Benz 27th, Audi 31st, Volkswagen 34th, Land Rover 36th - the second bottom spot)!

An example of a stupid and naive "BMW"-opinion abt BMW 330i 2006: ""the wide 18-inch tires (Klevius: which makes it uncomfortable on poor roads. But let's at least hope they are Japanese, not dangerous Michelins), the vehicle's short turning radius (all oldfashioned RWD-cars since the 19th century has it because the front wheels have nothing else to do!)  and its direct and wonderful steering (see previous comment, but personally I prefer the road feeling from a true AWD system) - not to mention the slick six-speed manual gearbox (Klevius: most century-old cars had 6 in line engines with the gearbox beside the driver, so the shifter could go directly into the gear wheels, i.e. the simpliest way of building a car! The "slickyness" has nothing to do with high tech) - all conspired to make it one very fun vehicle to drive"". Klevius: But what about some rain on the road? Then the BMW 330i is an unreliable, slippery and unpredictable death trap for many of those young fools who buy it! And what abt corners? Every Subarau Impreza from the last decade will outrun you! And why didn't he mention that all Japanese 2006 competitors are faster, have better quality and more technically advanced features for less money?

BMW is an example of how outdated technology is sold to lesss capable/understanding drivers (who then seduce  even less aware  sex segregated "chicks") at over-price by the help of design and a non-substantiated brand reputation. The easiest and most reliable way of building a middle class car is to use a straight 6 in-line engine (which theoretically is the most balanced) and rear wheel drive (As they did 100 years ago!). Without the help of this uncomplicated old technology BMW would be even worse off! Nissan's super car Skyline is partly designed the same way (albeit its super tech quality and its 4-wheel drive/steering etc,  makes it a completely different and much more drivable and reliable car when engine size, different output options, trims etc. are considered). All of Honda's V6 engines give better performance and are more reliable than BMW:s comparable 6-in-line engines!!!
As a result of oldfashioned technology and poor quality BMW cars are life threatening on slippery roads and when they crash they much more often burst into flames than do Japanese similar cars. Did you know that M3, the pride of BMW, can't stand the rews (<7900) wheras Honda's S2000 has no problem with 9000 rpm! And if you're a real fantast, put a turbo on top of it. And then try the same with the BMW! Did you also know that the Japanese Skyline on average lasts 5 times (sic) longer than a BMW in race trim! And did you know that the only good thing with the M3, namely the differential system between  the rear wheels is an old and outdated Japanese product!  The best (and probably unbeaten) performance of BMW is how they have managed to keep up a non-substantiated reputation of high tech and roadholding.(the latter is impossible because BMW mostly uses "one-wheel-drive" systems and when they have AWD it's usually a cheap and simple solution in some of their heavy wagons and cannot by no means be compared to what is offered by sporty Japanese AWDs)!

BMW:s technological incompetency has now forced them to search help from Honda!

Ten top of the greenest cars 2005 are all Japanese. Ever heard about a green BMW?!
When Toyota and Honda started producing fuel cell cars BMW:s "tech" response was to modify their conventional engines to go on hydrogen, and then call them "hydrogen-cars"! No success, of course, and now BMW has to rely on the leader in the battle, i.e. Honda, to survive in the technological development. And Honda shouldn't even be interested in sharing anything with BMW if it wasn't for the brand name BMW has managed to lure on naive buyers etc! Japanese brands sometimes have to to do so just to get their higher quality and lower prices accepted on many foreign markets. Funny, isn't it?

BMW:s drivability proved poorer than that of average cars!

BMW 523/525i (2006 models) unable to pass an ordinary driving test in Sweden! In the so called "elk-test", used by the Swedish car magazine Teknikens Värld (usually disgustingly BMW positive), BMW failed miserably (even after reducing weight and after several attempts). The problem was not due to a particular car eiither because the same tendencies had been reported in other BMW:s as well. Again, it's really amazing how BMW has managed to make their brand (among certain people) connected to non-existing "high tech" and "drivability". The only "drivability" that differs a Bimmer from most modern cars (front wheel drive or AWD) is that its front wheels are as loose as they used to be hundred years ago! Combined with poor technology and low quality standard on the electronics, the Bimmer is a waste of money, at least when it comes to TRUE (not felt) drivability!

New BMW M10 - the most stupid "sport car" ever? Compare the 15 yr old but super sophisticated and anti-VULGO Honda NSX and the 5 yr old S2000 (with more than 120 hp/litre "around the clock" compared to BMW's barely 100 hp/litre exceptionally)!

This is a perfect example of how BMW pretends tech skills (for easily cheated fools who, in fact, only want the brand) while, in fact, revealing their technological production incompetency (compared to Japan). Apart from BMW's quality and production problems (which make the cars unnecessary expensive), bad wet driving capabilities and the "easy-to-burst-in-flames" factor, the following aspects might also be considered about the M5/V10 :

1) The new BMW M5 (2006) with the v10 engine is a non-sense sport car because it's basically one-wheel driven, and, due to the huge engine, overweight. But the really revealing thing is the "M-button" which hides BMW:s technical incompetency (at least vs the best Japanese). Normally the huge 5 litre v10 engine (the size of a medium truck engine)  barely reaches 400 bhp. But the brochure promises 507! Well, only when (if you are lucky) you put a chihp trim at work by pressing the M-button. Why tthis arrangement. Simply because the engine will be difficult to handle and will not last for long in such a trim. So the BMW-people hid their incompetency behind this knob and then covered it with all the other computer aided trims such as stiffer suspension, tighter steering and throttle control/rews up (which is very simple to do when you have it all wired anyway).

2)  You get a car that pretends to be a luxury/sports car in one, and is neither. A happy Subaru Impreza or EVO outperforms it  in most practical hard driving circumstances, and if you rather cruise, then its bumpy and very non-luxury ride (outperformed by any Camry or Accord) might not make you nor your passengers especially happy considering their expectations, if any.

3) Due to poor engineering, the gear box doesn't work smoothly at all. Furthermore the driver is also encouraged to only use less than  400 of the promised 507 bhps! Why? Well, simply because the engine will break prematurely (remember M3?)

4) The policy behind M5/V10 - A lot of horsepower in the broschure (delivered by an almost 300 kg heavy truck engiine), BMW-design + brand boosting among naives/ego-tripped individuals: As we can't compete technically with the Japanese, let's use more cubic inches (VULGO). And as we, due to over-weight etc, can't compete in driving, let's make it a designed chick-ttrap for Hip Hoppers and their sex segregated girls. And with a huge engine with a lot op power and a (most probably - see above) stupid driver without the skills to use it, the risk for engine failure due to high revs will be minimized!

5) Finally. If you REALLY need a V10 engine with a European brand on the chassi, buy a Gallardo, if you also want to drive! But be prepared for trouble!

The BIG engines/turbo/6-in-line solution vs. Japanese high tech

The main technical challenge for constructors of sports cars etc. is how to reach huge performance in a light-weighted body? It means you should have as low and mid-centered centre of gravity as possible. It also means you should have as much traction as possible. Turbos and big engines haven't helped the European cars because you get more output from the better quality of the japanese similar engines and you also get more power from non-turbo japanese engines (Honda/Acura etc). But the ultimate sports car could be a combination of Mazda's rotary engine (which is a Japanese patent because the original idea by Wankel didn't work. It was, by the way, no coincidence that it was Mazda who managed technically to overcome what MB, Audi and others failed. Mazda's factory Toyo Kogyo was hit by a nuclear bomb and rebuilt to become the world's foremost supplier of automotive industry tools/machinery. Their quality standards in  the 1960's exceeded by far everything in Europe!) with Toyota/Honda's hybrid technology, and Nissan Skyline's race/tech experience, hence creating the optimal balance/weight/traction possible (including the Japanese built quality).

BMW 335i (2007) can't compete with a 6-inline against japanese V6 engins without using turbos! So how about a similar size Japanese coupe from 1990 equipped with a smaller 6-inline?!

BMW had to give up and boost their new cars with turbos, which means that BMW now becomes even more polluting than it used to be . The 335i double-turbo sets on precisely at those low to average revs that are most common in daily driving!). In a controlled test drive it consumed 1,35 l/10 km! It delivered 297 hp out of a 3 litre engine - with turbo (compare Honda S2000 which delivered 241 hp from a 2 litre engine WITHOUT A TURBO SIX YEARS AGO!!!!  But let's go some 16 years back in time and compare BMW:s new (2007) coupe (297 hp biturbo - from Misubishi - 3 litre 6-inline, without AWD, measuring width 178 cm, length 458 and weight 1600 kg) with Nissan Skyline GTR (1990) coupe (300 hp - the 276 figure officially reported back then has been proven a false concession to a japanese gentlemen agreement not to exceed 280 hp - 2,6 litre 6-inline, with the world's best non-continuous AWD, measuring width 175,5 cm, length 455 cm and weight 1430 kg)! Also consider that the 1990 Skyline could be boosted to some 500 hp without changing any mechanical parts! And whereas the 2007 BMW 335i (like other 3-series cars) is unstable at higher speeds, a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR equipped with similar wheels/tyres is steady as a rock! The only high tech on the 335i is Japanese, e.g. Mitsubishi's extremely fast reacting biturbo! Rumours also tell that BMW:s new 3 series is filled with the usual high amount of quality problems - so why should 335i be any different (ironically high tech/quality Nissan Skyline is famous for lasting even under severe trim!). To top it all BMW not only overprice their cars (do to stupid brand idolatry) but they also cheat consumers because hardly no one will buy a bimmer at the sticker price due to the lack of features that japanese competitors offer from scratch!. 

The expensive Beetle (the original Beetle being one of the world's worst, and most dangerous cars ever made)!

Now even Porsche seems forced to buy hybrid technology from Japan (European car makers have since long used Japanese parts when it comes to tricky and difficult technology. Just like they did with video  etc technology in the past. Volvo's new top of the line SUV is to be equipped with Yamaha's V8 engine and Toyota's (Aisin) gear-box.). Porsche's top excecutive admitted already in the 1990's that they cannot compete with Japanese technical quality. That's why Europeans hide technical incompetency behind cubic inches, turbios, design/fashion, and brand boosting by commercials targeting/influencing naive youth cultures (Hip Hop etc)!

Cheap (state sponsored) French confidence trixters

State sponsored poor French automotive technology flushes the market and the Japanese are silenced by EU rules and some factories in France. It's pathetic that French technical incompetency is filtered away by cheap particle filters in diesel engines, while Honda already produces diesel engines which are equally clean
without filter (in real life) and which continue to be so long since the French filters have stopped working! As it used to be  in the past - nothing has changed (Also see the Honda Jazz/Renault Twingo example above)! And today Renault boosts with Euro crash test results (which test they co-developed while using ithe information in their own production way before the Japanese got the new rules!). But safe? No way. Remember that the French cars are even worse than the German ones when it comes to car fires (see above) and technical faults leading to accidents!

When French Michelin can't reach the technological and quality level of its Japanese competitor Bridgestone, they simply try dirty tricks, like changing the rules in last minute (the French are heavily involved in racing lobbyism etc) or using softer rubber that melts in high temperature. What if Toyota and Honda, the brands with the highest techical quality, should have used Japanese tyres in F1 instead of being almost forced to have Michelin?! (see
Seven Formula 1 stables using Michelin tyres decided to withdraw from the US Grand Prix in Indianapolis at the weekend on safety grounds).

Hey man, you forgot the Italians and the Brits!

Both suffer from unresolvable quality problems (like France. Ever heard abt the Japanese young engineer who visited a French plant and then was asked abt what struck him the most. "The vine bottle on the quality control station!"). But unlike Germany they have learned to sponge on (many Brits even appreciate) Japanese high tech. In short, the Brits are sporty engineers with a long history of both successful and sometimes comical automotive technical experiments. The Italians might be roughly summarized as superb designers with a racing heart (MV Augusta, Maserati Quatroporte etc - but for God's sake never buy one from the store. And if you have to, check it's got at least a Yamaha or other Japanese engine!!).

How much could our global environment and people's health had gained if all cars etc. were produced by the best Japanese companies?

The Suisse watch hoax  Compared to world leading watch technology from Seiko (heavy), Citizen (medium) and Casio (light).

The simple fact is that if you can find top tech in a Suisse watch it comes from Japan and is usually already out-dated! But by cheating culturally mislead customers by "hand made" (which is always inferior to good machine made), design full of VULGO adornments, and flimsy commercials, stupid millionaries continue buying them. Maybe also because stupid ordinary people unnecessarily boost this trend. But the bottom line, I think, rests mainly in plain and crude racism covered in a strive for extravagancy. On my own 2003
Citizen Skyhawk Eco Drive Chronograph with threee alarms etc (extremely accurate quartz controlled without a need for batteries!) you need a magnifying glass to see the text Made in Japan! Why? Obviously because the Japanese manufacturer seem to have realized the same as above. Isn't it a pity that the best technology on the planet has to hide its origin when one should assume the contrary? What does it tell about the consumers?

White and black millionaries rather buy EURO-VULGO from white Europeans than from Mongoloid Japanese! And the sex segregated (and hence uninformed) chicks just follow in the foot steps of the stupid cocks whose phallus rests in a heavy cultural fog of naive/racist prejudice!

We seem to live in a time of the return of the Middle Ages, not the least as reflected in the revival of violent, sexist, racist and world threatening fundamentalist Arabic Islam. And the same people who hate high tech seems to love a religion of fear and terror!?


Swedish main news paper Aftonbladet's reporter (Collin) has a fanatic, negative attitude towards Japanese high tech. He has especially targeted hybrid cars, e.g. Toyota Prius, most probably because he is upset by the European technological shortcomings as well as the fact that both Swedish car manufacturers  are not Swedish anymore.

Hybrids are especially superior compared to diesels, ethanol etc. in urban milieus. (Also note the above difference between German/French and Japanese diesels!).

Risk for car fire according to a Swedish study (below):
SHINTO HIGH TECH & EURO-VULGO: First Prius 1997 in Japan! BMW "tech" isn't
even close, see below! Also see car fire risk
"It is time now for Muslims around the globe to stop hiding their unwillingness to accept non-Muslims as equals! Cut the racist/sexist ties to fundamentalistic Islam or admit that you are a terrorist yourself! It's naive and counter productive to underestimate lunatic's Islam, hence prolonging their inhumane terrorism!"
Origin of Islam
Peugeot SI (Spontaneous Ignition)  Expressen 2005-05-15
The strange "Mongoloid" complex?

The world's first space craft capable of bringing home samples from outside the Moon!
But totally ignored (2005/9)!?
Aftonbladet report on car fire risk
Aftonbladet report on car fire risk 2005
Honda tech monsters:
TL and Accord Hybrid
Tech news: Subaru, perhaps the most exciting car brand ever (with cheap but super-sophisticated high tech-cars that, since the early 70's, out-corner whatever Porsche or BMW a rainy day for a fraction of the price and with better tech quality!)  joins Toyota instead of GM. And paves the way for the ultimate SH-AWD hybrid-diesel-boxer! Hopefully!  More tech stuff below!

One of the web's best tech blog-links will appear here soon!
Linda 13 sex abused to death
HDTV video of Honda's Asimo robot running, dancing etc
Shinto (world's oldest religion) civilization meets Islam (world's youngest "religion") Honda - world best on both robots and engines!
BMW (Black Muslim's Wagon in US - made by whites in EU?!) 335i (2007): polluting and overpriced low tech/quality (see below).
The ugly origin of mosques and Arab/Islamic racism/sexism