The Finnish/Swedish/European Mongoloid-complex
In 1952, only seven years after the end of Finland's disastrous connection with Germany in the World War 2, apart from having its first Olympics the nation celebrated the 17-year old Armi Kuusela's victory in the Miss Universe "beauty" contest, thus finally releasing the Finns from what was considered a traumatic connection with the East and its Russian/mongoloid inhabitants.

Interestingly enough it seems that the Finns express the most mongolic genetic profile of the Europeans. On the other hand especially eastern Finns tend to be more blond, more blue-eyed and to have the lightest skin color of all! Could that very fact be an effect of precisely that
blend/traits from northern mongoloid people? I.e. that the most admired of "Nordic" features were inherited from the most unwanted direction? That the genetic blend happened to be especially sensitive to poor light conditions/folic acid intake etc., i.e. as an extra addition to the general impact of farming.

Also check out the Finnish "TAT"-controversy!
The Sami population inhabits an area (in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway) that is approximately the size of the entire Sweden (within Sweden about half the size of the country). When the Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson in 2004 held a conference on genocide, the only media that reported about the Sami protests against the decision not to include the native Swedes, seems to have been the Sami News.
Soft Genocide in Sweden (apart from the soft genocide executed by the Swedish legislator and the social authorities etc in matters of children)
Miss Universe and the Mongoloids
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