The secret of der Führer[1]:a normal penis, several times
At the very heart of psychoanalysis, repressed sexuality would, according to Freud, always be found as the "specific" (childhood) determinant of every neurosis (Sulloway 1979:363-364). This dogmatic fundament is clearly described by the heavily passionate words by the "Führer" himself: "My dear Jung, promise not ever to abandon the sexual theory. It's the most essential. You see, of it we have to create a dogma, an immovable bulwark". Furthermore, when Jung tried to analyse one of Freud's dreams he refused to co-operate. "I cannot put my authority at risk", were the words that astonished Jung and made Freud loose all his authority in that very moment in front of Jung (A. Stewens 1992:30).
A normal penis, several times? is, according to S. Freud, a relevant expression for the understanding of the basic cure for neurotic women. This is fundamental for the understanding of psychoanalysis (1989:73-74). "It was not just Freud's famous misogyny that caused him to represent women as second-class humans, but also his entrapment in the labyrinth of his own gratuitous premises" (Crew 1998:75). The view of Freud as well as of psychoanalytic thinking as a whole is based on a rigid, dichotomous sex-segregated view that has to be regarded when interpreting the female child-psychoanalysts (his daughter Anna Freud and Margaret Mahler) following him or (in the case of Melanie Klein) opposing him within the doctrine. M. Macmillan gives a brief overview of Freud's misogyny[2]:
Woman's deficiencies came about during the formation of the superego. When the Oedipus complex was overcome, identifications replaced object cathexes and Eros and Thanatos were defused. Because the female surmounted the Oedipal situation only partially, the defusion also was only partial. Less sexual energy could therefore be liberated in her than in the male and less be made available to be sublimated (1996:507).
This imprisonment of women and men in two distinct categories was not only the theoretical background for psychoanalysis but also its aim. A healthy personality was supposed to be clearly "feminine" or "masculine" to function well and if not, had to be corrected. This same concern can still be traced in the psychoanalytic GID - Gender Identity Diagnosis. Thus Freud worried about his daughter Anna?s possible lack of femininity. The psychoanalytic treatment he therefore himself conducted on her, quite contrary to all the psychoanalytic rules, is clearly in line with his other efforts to keep the sexual dichotomy alive[3]. An important part of this pattern is the concept of penis envy. When Mahler describes the infants she observed she particularly emphasized the discovery of the penis as the most important (1984:245). But why the visible part of the male sex organ should be interpreted as more desirable than that of the female is still an un-answered question to Freud and his followers. The obvious explanation lies again in the sex-segregated time of Freud. Not only was the male the active partner in sex, he was also the active citizen of the society - just like in Athens. According to Macmillan the burden of Freud's theory was that "the self-evident superiority of male to female sex organs, once perceived by little girls, sends them into a lifetime's worth of devious and dependent behaviour that can only retard the true (masculine) work of civilization. Freud apparently never budged from that position" (Macmillan 1998:129). Freud's "discoveries" that for a girl's unconscious a baby is equivalent to a penis, or that female inferiority, in a Lamarckian way, is inscribed in racial memory from the days of the primal herd, are other examples of that flimsy logic that was a consequence of his poorly based theoretical construction (1998:130).
[1] When the Psychoanalytic Association was founded in 1910 Freud proposed a chief (ein Oberhaupt) as a successor for the founder (der Führer), (F. Roustang 1998:256).
[2] The ?sublimation? of ?libinal? ?psychic energy? has no equivalent in the real world. There simply does not exist research proving that creativity decreases the level of erotic activity or vice versa.
[3] In fact, it could be argued that mofern feminism is a close relative to psychoanalysis because of its almost reactionary passion for the ?female? difference. These kinds of manifestations become increasingly desperate in a fast developing society where the ?feminine? and ?masculine? are constantly subverted in the course of every day life and a continous blend of gender and sex roles. There seems, though, no way back and this fact constitutes the most serious threat against the feminist movement as such (P. Klevius 1996 & 2000).
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