There has been a striking decline in women's track and field performance during the time of what is called the epoque of difference feminism (roughly from late 1980's until now). The two best performances made by women so far are the 400 m world record by Marita Koch in mid 1980's and the bunch of stunning runs by Flo-Jo (Florence Griffith-Joyner) in the late 1980's. Both women were relatively tiny* ones compared to many of their competitors. In women's long jump hardly no one nowadays exceeds seven meter whereas in the 80's you hardly got a medalion with such a result, and the world record being 7.60!.These records were made in a time when methods for nutrition and training were less advanced than today and they were made on less good surfaces with equipment that has developed ever since. In the case of Flo-Jo we can add a long wide hair that she used to keep un-tied during her runs. Why? Probably because of the same reason she used to over-emphasize "feminine" attributes such as long nails, fancy clothes, make ups etc. Would you believe this? My guess is that she was ashamed of her strong "non-feminine" performance and appearance and had to convince everyone that she was still a real "feminine woman"! That's what I would call a remarkable example of how the culture of sex-segregation works today! What do you think, Judith Butler?

* Flo-Jo was about 166 cm (i.e. more than 10 cm shorter than Marion Jones, who is the size of Livio Berruti below albeit heavier: Livio 66 kg and Marion >68 kg)! Marita Koch: 171 cm/60 kg.

Although sex-segregation fanatics love to dismiss Flo-Jo's and Marita's results as un-feminine  and thus by necessity produced by the help of illegal means, the truth is that there were much more powerful and suspicious looking candidates among the competitors, and no such evidence has ever been presented against Flo-Jo and Marita. In the case of Marita Koch she has been treated unfairly just because she happened to live in DDR. In fact she was one of the few who openly resisted all kinds of chemical doping! And according to those who know her she is a lovely woman with a mentality that seems to supports my view above. And when Flo-Jo died prematurely because of heart failure, the vultures immediately screamed with big letters about doping as a cause. When this was proven untrue we hardly heard anything about it...
A tribute to heroic women (and some tiny men) who showed the world (in the 1980's - before difference/glamour feminism shut the door for many a young girl!) what can be done by P. Klevius
"the most remarkable woman sprinter of our time"
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Flo-Jo:(166 cm) 1988
100 m:
10,49, 10,53, 10,61
200 m:
The political heroine Condoleezza Rice, one of the foremost fighters against fundamentalist race- and sex-segregation - is she a pain in the butt for the feminists? Just like Flo-Jo and Marita she paved her way to the top during the 80's. Not by the help of feminists but by the help of her parents and herself. And almost totally neglected by feminists? (July 2004)

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Marita (171 cm): 1985
100 m: 10,83
200 m: 21.71,
400 m: 47,60
Livio Berruti, below, (179 cm/66 kg) won 200 m in 20,5 seconds on a poor cinder-track in Rome 1960! Not too many signs of weight-training! Have we exaggerated the importance of weight training and muscles, and is it possible for women to cut one more chunk of the records without too much muscles but with good talent and early development un-restricted statistically by "femininity"-fanatics who hinder the mass of girls coming out from the shadows?
Armin Hary,  above and left with Jesse Owens (the hero of Berlin 1936) ran abt 10,00 around 1960 on cinder tracks!
Below, 1960 Rome. Otis Davies won 400 m on a cinder track but shared the fantastic time 44,9 with the tiny Carl Kaufman.
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Above, Wilma Rudolph (to the right) 1960, 100 m 11,0, No weight-lifting in sight!
Berruti (20,5)from another angle in the same race as above. Note the difference in body constitution to second place Lester Carney (20,6)
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Jan Zelezny: 182 cm/72,3 kg - 98,49 m (javelin)!!!
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