Some unbelievable examples from the Swedish criminal and justice system
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Swedish state terrorism
1.  A Swedish police was brutally beaten to death outside his home after having finished his working day. The murderer was a 21 yo gangster who had never been sentenced to jail although he had committed heavy crimes and had been sentenced (to nothing, i.e. "care" ) repeatedly since he was placed in foster home at the age of 11.

2.  The prisons for the most dangerous Swedish criminals lack surveillance cameras and proper doors. It is not either considered a crime in Sweden to escape. No wander then that they do.- repeatedly and easily! When asked about what to do (in the Swedish state controlled  radio P1 2004-08-05 God Morgon, i.e. Good Morning) one high representative for the Swedish psycho state (who else?) and director of prison, said that they had invested already too much on surveillance etc technology rinstead of creating such an environment that the prisoners shouldn't like to escape. She hence asked for more money (but obviously not for surveillance equipment and better doors). Heard that before?

3.   A gang killed an innocent bypasser by repeatedly beating and kicking him. When the victime afterwards still managed to drag himself to a waiting-room, the gang returned and kicked him to death. The young members didn't get anything and the 21 yo got one year!

A stepfather who hated (racial/religious grounds?) his new three and a half yo step son, kicked him deliberately and repeatedly to death on the floor in the young boy's home The Swedish "justice" sentenced the man to three and a half years (later corrected to five years in the court of appeal).

A 30 plus woman "remembered" after therapy that a man might have used her sexually at one single time in a very small place (said to be impossible for sexual acts of any kind) when she was 14. The man was sentenced on her version to 14 year in prison!

4    In the third largest Swedish city Malmö firemen, ambulance, busdrivers etc. refuse to visit certain areas and when 640 windows were broken in a row no one even dared to call the police. The most popular name for new born boys in the city is allegedly Mohammed.

There also seems to exist (among bureaucrats and politicians) an "von oben" naive interpretation that goes like this: Those who don't play the game as we do are unhappy because they really want to become like us, of course. But what if they don't? Then the old "leftist" story from the 60's don't work either...