The veil trap - sex segregation as an anti-human rights tool for reproducing Islam by Peter Klevius
It's important to note that the Arabic invention of the Islamic veil, i.e. institutionalized rape (physichal and/or cultural) as the main means for spreading/preserving Islamic conquest, essentially differs from other especially monstruous forms of sex segregation!

Testimony by Claude Moniquet, Director General of European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center
April 27, 2005:
"Ten years ago, the Islamic veil was mainly worn by older women. Now at least half of the female Muslim population wear the veil. In some municipalities in France, the figure is about 80%. From field investigation we know that in most cases those girls and women didn’t really choose to wear the veil but were “forced” to do so by family or community pressure. In some European cities, a Muslim girl who refuses to wear the veil leaves herself open to insults, physical aggression, sexual harassment and even collective rape. In France, those aggressions happen regularly;"

The veil of sex segregation (and
creeping pan-Arabic sexist/racist totalitarian monolitheistic Capitoilislam).
Those who defend Islam as "peaceful" (i.e. non-violent), good for women (i.e. non-sexist/sex segregated), and anti-totalitarian (i.e. free) have no case against Klevius' criticism. We share the same view against those who think Islam is or should be the final solution (i.e. fascism) for the world, and who also argue for other totalitarian, racist/sexist stupidities expressed in its teachings! Only those Muslims or their defenders who clearly rejects every ounce of these kinds of teachings in Koran, Koran schools, mosques, or other Islamic texts/sources, can hence be accepted within a humane, democratic society based on the holy negative human orights! Right.

Those who think that the French veil ban is an issue only for Muslims in France have really missed the target. On the contrary there doesn't even exist a "France" (or any other state) in the Islamist's mind. Only one country, i.e. Saudi Arabia (one of the eight worst/inhumane countries in the world), counts, all the others are filed under the "expansion of the Arabic Islam/Sharia umma". Here terror, oil-fueled language imperialism and "religion" (see Klevius
Definition of religion) really merge into one totalitarian world view, albeit with no real content, besides pan-Arabism..Islam/Koran, the most violent of main religious texts, totally lacks internal coherency and responsibility. Whoever wants to use Islam for his/her particular interpretations is free to do so. The Saudi wahhabism support has more to do with domestic affairs and pan-Arabism than with religion.

The attraction of the veil (apart from as simply fashion - albeit stupid and offensive against its millions of victims) lies in its supposed protection against sexism and rape/tivism (cultural and physical), but in doing so it also enhances
sex-segregation, hence constituting an obstacle against women's emancipation.

It is an irony that women so easily and volontarily fall in the same trap as their sisters in Sudan and other places (see
Klevius' Infodesk) often have been forced into. Although it is convenient for a human being who has been held back through history to get culturally shy and hide behind a mask (religious or secular womanhood), the act may be both costly and even unnessary.

Adonis' view on veils as just fluttering in the wind of interpretations' is a misogynist view, deeply embedded in an Islamic/Arabic tradition of
sex segregation, that he himself may be even unaware of.

Adonis on the veil:
"When some of the caliphs in the Abbasid era ordered non-Muslims to wear distinctive symbols to tell them apart from Muslims, the practice met with disapproval.  It was seen as a sign of regression and rigidity.  After society evolved, the practice was quickly abolished. Therefore, it is strange and difficult to understand how Muslims living in the West can, describing themselves as Muslims, insist on donning distinctive symbols to set themselves apart from the inhabitants of the society in which they are living.  This insistence is an insult (ihana) against and a condemnation of their history and culture and their presence in the world to the extent that, to one who contemplates it, it appears that the veil is not only a violation of the laws of the other and his culture, but also, prior to that, an expression of contempt (imtihan) for them and for another way of life.  However, this is in its death throes."

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