From Klevius without love: Sex, kinship and friendship
Vagina Gate, the basic social coordinate in the atom of kinship by P. Klevius
The atom of kinship - extracted from Demand for Resources (1992) and yet unpublished Homo Filius Nullius -the illegitimate man, by P.Klevius.

The Vagina Gate (compare
Klevius' view on Stonehenge) is the key to the understanding of kinship and definition of religion. In short it means that every person's social coordinate is determined by the link/gate of birth, i.e. in praxis the mother. In a tribal kinship system the Western notion of  a mother/father nucleus has no real equivalent. For example, concepts like jeaulousy, fidelity, separation, nuclear family etc. have little bearing. The atom of kinship system itself keeps (without any knowledge about genes or sperms etc) track on every individual through the female lineage. Hence a chief might not trust the status of his own kids but rather the 100 % fact that he and his sister have the same social coordinate and, as a consequence, that his sister's daughter belongs to the "right" lineage and can give birth to the next truly biokin. The name/totem ascribed to a person is hence the ultimate tribal ID, impossible to falsify.

Emile Durkheim, Claude Levi-Strauss (not to mention Sigmund Freud and feminists) and others obviously missed the real power of this simple fact, possibly because of the confusion/reaction caused by what we use to title modernity.

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