Klevius' "Tomboy" page
"Tomboy" is one of many linguistic weapons used in defense of sex segregation.

"Tomboy" first appeared before 1553 and originally referred to a "boisterous" boy. In 1579 it was also applied to an "immodest" woman, and in 1592 to a "girl who acts like a spirited boy". Tom is derived from Thomas; i.e. a "common man".

A "Tomboy" was also applied to a girl who dressed in a "boyish way" and who liked "boisterous and adventurous activities" supposedly more suited for boys.

So although "Tomboy" originally referred to a `boisterous, rude boy,' denoting agressiveness associated with males, it later ended up as a tool for keeping girls/women restricted from male areas, i.e. what in
KLEVUX terminology is artificial sex segregation.

The etymological resemblance with the word
girl is striking. Simply put, girl originally meant a child, no matter of sex (related to the garment they used to wear).Then the boy was removed (as a servant), got trousers, and left the girl with that very frock-dress they both used to wear before, and which now has become the sacred symbol for many feminists.

...to be continued...

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