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KLEVUX' Thalamus - an overview by Peter Klevius A developing key to a better understanding of the link gaint farm on www.klevius.info
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The popular concept of human thinking/consciousness as mainly occuring in the neo-cortex has undermined the understanding of Thalamus and its surroundings (mid-brain etc.) - the real center (aided by neo-cortex, cerebrellum, spine etc) for awareness and "thinking". This site is based on a new approach on mind presented as EMAH - the even more astonishing hypothesis.

KLEVUX is rooted in Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor (1981/1992).

What at first appearance might look like a link gaint farm is, in fact, a multi-faced and pre-arranged association bait, profiled with interconnected basic key-words, which are expected to strike hard on those deeply envolved and/or fascinate and support a further look for those who are not, but who are open-minded.. The main purpose is to free the site for future development on its basic topics. The basis for KLEVUX is the conceptpt of
negative human rights.

The site stands on two legs: An idea about universal
Human Rghts and a critique of a prevailing cultural sex-segregation. These legs are combined with Attachment/Homo Filius Nullius. The fight between a social attachment/friendship and an evolving social robot, Homo Filius Nullius, seems to be at the world's focus right now. It manifests itself through a variety of channels such as religious fundamentalism (e.g. Islam), feminism, the social state (the "welfare state") and a worrying increase in crime rates and inhuman moral attitudes. This development is partly hidden behind a more studious and job-directed approach in general, i.e. the real criminals are more visible although many of the "normal" individuals have the same low moral but lack the time to show it openly within what is considered the "crime sphere".This could be described as "hidden anti-social behavior" and could be exemplified with the well-suited young exceutive in Stockholm who parked his BMW (they seldom know anything about cars but just follow the fashion and what they think is cool - like money making Hip Hop artists etc. - see Why is Honda so much better than BMW?!) on a handicap spot and told the handicapped to shut up and piss off because he, the executive, had no problem paying the fine!

Peter Klevius' concept of the critical European
Inside Peter Klevius' mind

Because self-criticism has been/is Peter Klevius' main scientific tool, he is wide open for criticism. In fact he eats criticism and cannot survive without it. This fact makes him less attractive for criticism, though, and, as a consequence, makes himself even more responsible for actively searching possible criticism. So where is Peter Klevius anchored? Except for the negative human rights mentioned above, his main anchor is "a changing global normativity". He may then, like most of us, be the ultra normal and weirdest person simultaneously.

...to be continued...
KLEVIUS' INFODESK: Sudan's Arabic-/Islamic genocide, rapetivism cultures etc

The hidden link between moderate and terrorist Islam

EMAH - The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (on consciousness/awareness)
OUT OF AFRICA as "Pygmies" and back as global "Mongoloids"
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