Sweden from a criminological point of view
According to the World Values Survey chart above (from Scientific American, Dec 2003) the Swedes are the most secularized and have the highest amount of self-expression. Although, Homo Filius Nullius (the un-attached, "single", "independent", "individual"* that does not really love** anyone except him/herself).exists all over the planet today, Sweden is commonly hold, among social scientists, as having been in the lead of social modernity throughout the 20's century.

* Democritos' "individual", although a logical necessity as a base unit in a democracy, is, from a social point of view, unintelligible. 

** "Love" can be sub-divided in bio-ties, friendship and erotics. The common, but un-necessary, use of the word as a mix of erotics and friendship (usually substituted with false projections/misunderstandings when between segregated persons) has as an effect that, for example, relationship/friendship become tied to sexual preferencies.no matter if they exist or not. An other common usage of the word is precisely friendship, no more or less, and it can include humans as well as pets etc (from an EMAH*** perspective it embraces everything you like). A defendable conclusion of this would then be that friendship should not be connected to erotics/sex no more than playing a game of chess is. Although the expression "falling in love" thus looses most of its magic many divorces on the ground of a lack of understanding will be  avoided as well.
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EMAH (The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis by Peter Klevius 1992/1994) is a connectionist explanation of consciousness/lack of consciousness that over-bridges the gap between Habermas' "observation and understanding")
The Mystery of the Swedish Crime Statistics
- is Sweden worst among comparable states?
The Swedish state's hunt for tax-payers rather than violent criminials etc.
The denied, neglected and covered-up child and youth-criminality/violence
A nation that is un-interested in  protecting  its citizens against criminals, psychics and children/youth that clearly know about this fact.
The in-born but not debated (but see Angels of Antichrist below) bureaucratic strive for self-profit rather than the best interest of the client/citizen.
A flimsy psychiatric care that creates more problem than it solves e.g. by distributing dangerous drugs to individuals who want to boost their aggressiveness and cover up its tragic effects (compare. also the murder of the Swedish minister of foreign affairs Anna Lindh) by referring to accidental "psychosis". It seems that the Swedish psychiatric care has purportedly trapped itself in a self-created diffusion between mentally ill individuals and those who are not.
Angels of Antichrist
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