All thefts are disgusting but this is particularly so because it was committed by an employee while working for his employer, by using a customer's confidence for his emploer (UPS). The crime as well as the efforts afterward to cover it up or just neglect it reveals to me a worrysome new trend of immorality in Sweden.
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Lack of attachment - the root cause? What does research tell?
An ordinary and working but amoral modern Swedish white-collar-criminal steals Seiko's famous Kinetic Chronograph (FIFA/Korea-Japan limited edition No 22/200) from an innocent child who had given away all other Christmas and birthday wishes just to get this memory of Ronaldo etc! The crook may have used recently opened Swedish UPS as a tool for his criminal act! UPS Sweden was informed about the delivery and the poor condition of the parcel seems to indicate that the theft was made late in the transportation chain.
Express parcel no W7376186498
Singapore - Sundbyberg/ (Stockholm) 20-27/12-2002. Although the parcel was available for UPS a working day before Cristmas Eve 2002 the receiver was not notified and the broken package was delivered after Christmas
An ordinary; working Swede has - most probably in the realm of his/her working place and by the help of information from that very working place -  robbed a young girl of her imported Christmas gift!; He used the good reputation of his international working place as a tool for a cowardly committed crime against a child!

What does this tell us about the mentality of modern man? Read ;
Angels of Antichrist by Peter Klevius - an intellectual overview of the Swedish system as a forerunner in modernity and a general and widespread individual amorality. The key feature seems to be the replacement of biological family ties (religare - tie back) with artificial and worthless tax-ties of the modern social state!

Of course this thieve is also an individual but the point here is that modernity has significantly  lowered the moral treshold of these kinds of actions.

We all who have collected money for this gift hope that the crook has that minimum of morality left in his brain that he at least feels uncomfortable with this!
Stolen, Seiko Kinetic Chronograph FIFA/Korea-Japan limited edition, during UPS delivery in Stockholm Sweden 22-27 Dec 2002 Only the watch without case etc. is missing. Serial no 22/200; Most probably an insider job. An employee at the Swedish  UPS support telephone was unfortunately informed about the value of the watch as well of the planned shipment from Singapore to Stockholm before Christmas. UPS has, to my knowledge, not even tried to identify him.

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