Open questions and possible answers to Klevius' hypothesis on the origin of races
by Peter Klevius
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Questions (also include the (?)s in the text).

1 Onge and Jarawa seem to be special. Are they closer to Africa than the others? What is the genetic profile of the mongoloid traits in their nabors, the Shompen and Nicobarese? The latters are usually labeled Holocenic but how sure can we be?

2 How sure can we be regarding the time and direction of M130? Back and forth?

3 We know very little so far about how skin color and stature relates to genes, environment, nutrition etc. In fact we know less than most people believe because most people's belief is based on prejudices rather than facts. So the question contains such issues as the light skinned Finns in the Eastern part of the country compared to, for example, the darker Eskimos. Is it only the nutrition based difference in the intake of folic acid and vitamines and/or their position as forest farmers in the dark (but not so dark as the nomads even further North in the non-forest and sun reflecting world of plentyness in fatty meat? And why do you get tall when urbanized? What exactly in the food could cause this? Is the difference just proteins? And why are Hawaian Japanese taller than Japanese in fish/protein rich urban Japan?

4 The seemingly double origin of the Saami compared to American Indians (through M242)? The "fear" of mongoloid traits in the debate!

5  How does a convincing timetable for the earliest appearance of clearly UP tool industries looks like in a global perspective?

6  Could there be both a "caucasoid" (M173)
and a "mongoloid" back migration to Africa"