Did Bush & Condi (+ Blair, the lonely European hero) get the Islamic terrorism right from the beginning? And did they fully realize the impact of sex segregation (see also Sex segregation is a Saudi national obsession) in a modern and confused world trying to reconsile old and new world views?  The Islamic terrorism in Iraq, like a previously hidden severe inflammation, really seems to prove how right they were regarding the first question! It wasn't only that visible under Saddam's tyranny, although it served the same purpose, namely the forceful expansion of Islam, but now in a modern socialist appearance. However, the basic idea of fundamentalist terror Islam is, simply put, to lock the girls/women in sex segregation once and forever and throw the key (negative human rights) away by the help of Sharia laws etc. What makes this world view especially frightening is that it is widely shared by feminists and socialists. The scrupulous spreading of militant/sexist Islam via wayward and confused youth is deliberate child abuse and a major threat to global society. Also see the connections to lost "attachment" in modern society.
Although I'm not religious I'm struck by the love message in Christianity and the hate message in Islam.

Lunatics' fundamentalist Islam - the rapist's and racist's religion?
! *)
Understanding Muslim fascism
Islamic anti-Semitism in Sweden is massive but deliberately under-reported
FEMINISM & ISLAM share and are based on the same desperate passion for sex segregation (see Klevius' comments on Muslim scholars).

Islam is ultimately an anti democratic movement and should therefore be opposed/banned in a democratic society.just like other neo-fascist movements.

"Since Islam regards women as an active sexual power, it is important to restrict women’s sexual power over men. The result is isolating women and men in different worlds" (from Islamic Feminism by Mehrdad Darvishpour).

"How long can one of the world's greatest religions tolerate having the most reprehensible acts carried out in its name?" - Sapa-AP. The simple answer is: "One of the World's greatest (sic) religions" is born out of terror and fear. So if Muslims want to continue being Muslims they better reform Islam into the same kind of eunuch that Christianity has long since become! Just swallow the fact that the whole of Islam, as it is now, is kept together by terror threats on all levels from families to mosques, states and terror organizations/individuals. Submission under threat creates "peace"!

Definition of fundamentalist Islam: A politisized ethnic (i.e. essentially racist) social/linguistic/militaristic virus that can be best defined as the opposite to the idea of global negative human rights.

Relatives to fundamentalist Islam: Fascism/communism/state-socialism, feminism (share the same "passion for difference) and racism (i e that only the believers are true humans)..

Islam and sex segregation: Fundamentalist Islam rests on the lunatic idea that because women have certain biological capacities (as have men) then all of them should be lumped together in a "woman package" including such cultural inventions as dressing codes, Sharia, sex typed rules of behavior etc. Some people might feel confused by my connection of feminists and Islamists. Then please use the abundance of links about sex segregation on this site to learn the pattern. However, here are some examples: Feminists and Islamists have trapped themselves in a fundamentalistic "biologism" that predestines their interpretation of human behavior, not based in scince but rather as a political tool with completely different causes. Feminists and Islamists also share the negative view on female beauty. But whereas Islamists use burkas, veils etc. feminists use to condemn female nudity as a "patriarchal sin". This discussion may also be connected to queer theorists such as Gayle Rubin and her fight against the anti-porn movement (which should, of course, not be confused with any kind of pro-sexistic pro-porn attitudees).

The soul of fundamentalist, anti-human rights Islam - How to recognize early forms of true fascism. If you are a Muslim and think you are a better person than non-Muslims, then you are not, but, on the contrary, a racist/sexist fascist!

What some imams may have forgotten to tell, and something about sex segregation that Tarik Ramadan and others may not be aware of. Also keep in mind that what connects all different Islamists is the fact that they all possess "the right Islam". In fact, "Islam" abuses children & suicidal fanatic Jihad lunatic believers (who should be considered no different from other dangerous mentally ill offenders)

Islam, responsible for the world's worst slave trade & sexism, should be judged, like commu-nism, by its deeds! And why do parents and imams  encourage (hidden terrorism) rape and violence against "infidels" and "unbelievers"? 

Acknowledgement: I strongly defend freedom of religion albeit not to the price of that very freedom. Hence, what is said here should not, to any extent, insult those who interpret/name themselves Muslims if they do not, to any extent, belong to, nor have connections to Islamic fundamentalist anti human rights thoughts, but rather discriminate themselves from those and step forward to defend negative human rights in accordance with the UN declaration (A modern and glorious "Jihad" against human rights violators, whoever they are). Although I may not interpret these people as Muslims (see Klevius' Definition of Religion) they have the absolute right to name themselves whatever they like in a free society (a society based on negative human rights). For me this is the ultimate test to discriminate between terrorists/fundamentalists and others. So if you feel insulted then you have either misunderstood it all or you are a real fundamentalist yourself, who might even support terrorism against negative human rights.

"Since humans do not like harming innocent people, Jehad is nothing but an inducement to murder and plunder non-Muslims for the sheer crime of not believing in Muhammad. It is called a "holy war." Those who return home victoriously, come laden with booty, which includes wealth and non-Muslim women for concubinage and free seduction but those "crusaders" who are killed "in the way of Allah" go straight to paradise where ever-young virgins of exquisite beauty and pretty boys anxiously wait to serve them! Even more stunning is the fact that while every code of moral conduct treats murder, rape, plunder, lechery as sins, Islam counts them as acts of piety".

"By the 9th century, when Baghdad was the capital of the Islamic world, we do have evidence of a large importation of African slaves -- how large is anyone's guess," said Thabit Abdullah, a history professor at York University in Toronto.

Islamic/Arabic racism and segregation in Marocco

"The myth of Islamic tolerance" and "The myth of the Golden Age of Inter-Faith Utopia"

"Industry was alien to the Arabian psychology"

The birth and expansion of a main Arabic language (which evolved from Hebrew and Aramaic -  the language of Jesus - and whos script is created by some added dots) is essentially the same as the birth and expansion of Islam (many of the so called Islamic rituals are pre-Islamic). A main issue here was the physical and literary fight against Greeks and Romans (most Christian writings were in Greek and Latin). This view combined with the criticism about Islam presented above may also render some support to the view that Arabic Islam is to blaim for the final destruction of the world's greatest ancient literary heritage in the Library of Alexandria 920-923 and the second largest collection (Ceasarea in Israel) a little later (P. Klevius 2004).

Arabic racism (Islam) was originally developed as a tool aimed to keep Arabs together and to submit other people (in "peace") as a military complement. The one side of the sword of Islam (the other side being Jihad) is hence the decrete that all true Muslims should speak/read Arabic (P. Klevius 2004).

Arabic/Islamic racism against blacks (former slaves from Africa or Marins from the US etc).

Arabic/Islamic racism/sexism against women (compare US female soldiers in Saudi Arabia, and the outrage it caused among bin Ladin and his followers).

In conclusion it would be hard not to admit that Islam rests on a deliberate language imperialism, rigid sex segregation and fear.

Although most fundamentalists have not realized it as yet, Muslim feminism is the fastest growing branch of Islam. This has to do with the the globalization (education and technology) process that now inevitably forces modern Muslim women to "sex segregated reformism" (P. Klevius 2004).

Definition of anti-human rights Islam: A politisized ethnic (i.e. essentially racist) virus that can be best defined as the opposite to the idea of negative human rights.

Relatives to ant-human rights Islam: Fascism/communism/state-socialism, feminism (share the same "passion for difference") etc.

Islamic Child Abuse: The scrupulous and deliberate spreading of militant Islam via wayward and confused youth is cruel child abuse and a major threat to global society. Also see the connections to lost "attachment" and the "social state" in modern society.

The Pillar of Sex Segregation: Islam, like feminism, relies on the weakening rope of sex segregation. The ultimate goal for Islamists is to lock the girls in sex segregation forever and throw the key away (Sharia). But what many feminists and no Islamists (although these -isms rest on the same sex segregation) have realized is that the rope is rottening inside (because of the overall technical/social global development of society in a de-sex segregated direction) and that it is only kept together by superficial "facing" and/or institutions like Sharia law etc.!

Muslim youngsters (Wannabe terrorists?) in Stockholm are starting to talk big (But who have taught them? Parents and/or imams?):
According to Metro (2004-10-27) two Muslim boys commanded some school girls to go away when they were sitting on a public place (Medborgarplatsen, i.e. "The public place for citizens"!). Obviously the boys did not like the girls' clothing etc  This strange behavior seems to confirm the xenophobic and racist attitudes deeply rooted in Islam..If parents or imams cannot take care of their youngsters' education they should not be allowed to continue that kind of education/fostering anymore, or...!?

The Islamists in Iraq have caused the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians and soldiers and workers and aid personnel.etc (especially if they are of Western origin, i.e. "infidels" in racist Arabic Islamic language usage)! When should we start dealing with the root cause?! Isn't it time to address the obvious Islamic fundamentalist read thread in the atrocities and how they are directed? But still it seems that most naive Western observers have not realized what is really going on!

Heard on the bus: "Oh, excuse me! I forgot -  it is all George W. Bush's fault, and the Islamic terrorists are just liberators doing their valuable job for the people." Well, it is pretty astonishing that no one seems to discuss how many of the civilian victims in Iraq are caused by Islamic terrorists and the general moral breakdown in in the aftermath of the Marines trip to Baghdad´

The Arab/Islamic terrorists Mr. Atta & Co sexually abused Western girls/women prior to their stupid, fanatic, cruel, senseless and inhuman crimes. Do we see a reflection of this pattern of behavior in the sky rocketing rape figures in Sweden as well as in the stupid attitudes among many Arab youngsters towards non-Arab girls/women? Sadly
these attitudes are supported and reinforced by many feminists etc.

(see also Sex Segregation from Freud to bin Ladin)

Wanna read a real horror story? Check out the deeds of Kutam Muhammed in Legacy of Terror! Excerpt from the book: "The angel instructed him (Kutam Muhammed) to wage terrorism and offensive war against people who did not strictly submit and convert to his message." Although Islam might look meak for many a naive Westerner in the West, where it is not a master as yet, how does it behave if it gets a master role? Sharia etc? Educate children (including especially Muslim children) about Islam's real racist roots and deeds, continue with the Fundamentalist Test, and continue with Klevius Definition of religion. Then let them decide and make their own opinion! Maybe some of them will come to this same conslusion: The problem is Islam, not the "Muslims".

bin Ladin - the sexist/racist Arab/Islamic fool in the cave with his legacy of rape, murder and terror! Hitler seems pale in comparison (What would Mr. bin Ladin have done with a fat gun? A global Arab/Islamic terror religion?).

(Right): According to bin Laden, Sweden has behaved so well against the Islamic terrorists so that's why we haven't attacked them!

bin Ladin's hypocrisy: He, the sexist medieval ghost, and a representative for the world's most unjust, sexist, and racist terrorist religion (Arabic Islam) with records of millions of deads, injured, rape victims, slaves etc in its wake of militant conquest, tyranny and oppression, talks about justice! His so called world view hence  is based on an ideology that does not only reveal itself as terrorism but IS terrorism in its very soul!

Swedish media hypocrisy: When terrorists murder and rape it is explained to be because of Bush etc.! When Iraqis are murdered in suicide attacks or by cowardice Islamists hiding among civilians, it is because of, guess who? And when US and other soldiers try to bring these cowardice insurgents before justice (so the Iraqis could get their democracy and the US soldiers could go home) and the culprits manage to lure fire on civilians it is of course again reported as a consequence, not of terrorist actions, but because of the US in general and Bush in particular! This reporting has continued day after day, month after month, year after year. But never with any kind of condemning of the Islamic terrorists. WHY???!!!

bin Ladin applaudes Swedish hypocrisy. Why! Of course because Sweden, with its cowardice and socialist inspired "Spain-factor" politics has become the Islamic terrorists/rapists' haven on Earth - or should we say Heaven on Earth, e g "white women particularely designated for the enjoyment of Muslims (warriors)" (from The Beginning and the End by Ibn Kathir Vol 7 p 9!). But unlike Spain, Sweden has for a long time, deliberately tried to gain from Islam and its terrorism! Is it because they (the socialist/communist + some other politicians, media people etc) are naive (as they were in the 30's), or perhaps even deliberate,  and do not understand/admit the real core of Islam!? Kids playing with fire without knowing the consequences or, perhaps, very well knowing the consequences, i e that the hated school might be destroyed by whatever means!

Remember that socialist feminism and socialist Islamism, just like Nationa Socialism (Nazism) rest on the idea of totalitarianism and sex segregation!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "What made me change my mind about the Labour Party was that they really lost touch with the electorate on several points, particularly on how to deal with foreigners from non-Western countries and the position of women there…"
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Will feminists praise Condoleezza Rice?
Disgusting, Racist Treatment of Dr. Rice

How Sweden's main news channels "missed" (or suppressed) that
Dutch film maker who defended girls and women against lunatics' Islam was murdered by an Islamic Jihad lunatic "believer"!

Theo van Gogh's film SUBMISSION defending female victims of Islam

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