My scientific method: I enter the field of subversion* through the Trojanian pores of diffuse discourse conceptualizations. My pockets are full of unrelated alien thoughts and well inside, when I am throwing them around, they might reveal internal inconsistencies in the very discourse I am visiting, not sharing. My employer? Negative human rights, of course!
*the potential subversion is already there waiting for revelation via the dynamics that is created by alien thoughts. But "alien thoughts" are no threat to a certain discourse if they don't use this particular "HIV/AIDS" (compare chimp/human-hybridization)  method.

The concept of concepts: A symbol or a sign is said to represent something, but what? Is that what is represented an absolute end or is it just another part in an eternal chain of representations. Just like the numeral distance from one to zero is equally long as from one to eternal, a certain representation could be seen as equally far from its beginning as it is from its end.

This text* believes only in one type of generalization/universality namely that of a final and subsequently temporary description of empiri. What is described is final due to its description but temporary due to changes in that description.

*Present time, i e when the text is written. The reading/understanding/interpretation then, of course, always occurs in a relative future. Absolut future is an anomaly (Some cognitivists might argue that animals cannot think about the future - but neither can we!).

There is nothing except truth. Nothing can be false - only illogical. Truth is received (and terminated – see
EMAH) information.

Power is free movement/action. Inertia is not power because it does not possess free will. Social power is limited to the social. A rock on the bottom of a pit does not hurt anyone but the inertia in the form of a living body hitting that rock does hurt that body. Equally a tyrant does not hurt those who avoid his anger. There is no power without the use of it. Power can never be misused only used. The expression “misused” power is an assessment made by an external observer from a non-logical (different) point of view.

Abstractions are impossible if everything is created by experience. Meaning, explanation and understanding are all descriptions of how we synchronize (terminate) experiences with previous experience

Categorization may confuse synchronization thus letting the

Your brain belongs to/is your pattern (profile) of experience.

Information entropy is knowledge. The pure being and nothingness are identical, as Hegel put it. Information entropy = knowledge = nothing

Life strives against physical entropy and towards social and information entropy.

Information is the charge between two opposite poles.

Information is non-synchronized relations.

Synchronized relations are rigid (compare doxic).

Distinction creates difference that makes separation and segregation possible.

A concept is the logical essence in the understanding of a word, a frase or an independent statement. The use of a concept is then logically restricted to the essence of its consented meaning.

Discourse is the expression of thoughts in a chain of statements based on concepts that create indirect knowledge. Discourse criticism uses concepts accepted within that particular discourse when challenging content coherence and internal logic.

Copyright Peter Klevius

On behalf of today's and historical victims of Islam (in Darfur and globally), and on behalf of all humans who feel offended by the tenets/acts of Islam.


Ever thought abt why Islam is always excused and removed from its consequences?

The root formula of Islam: Slavery+"infidel" racism+sex segregated rapetivism+anti human rights Sharia/apostasy ban.
Why isn't the worst crime ever against humanity criminalized, but instead protected by the very human rights Islam opposes?!

Without these evil racist/sexist/fascist extremist pillars and violent terror threats from so called "unislamic"* and confused morons Islam is dead!

Slavery (forbidden all over the world except in Koran/Islam) - It's well known that Islam allows slavery, although perhaps less well known that Islam emerged out of the very idea of sponging on institutionalized slavery. This is why Saudi islamofascist dictators, imams etc. terrorists and terrorist supporters still don't understand that the Koran is completely wrong, not only because it allows slavery but especially in claiming to be some "god's" unchangeable word hence excluding even the possibility of reformation!
"Infidel" racism (forbidden according to the UN declaration on every humans equal value, but a basic tenet of Koran/Islam) - The moral cornerstone needed for taking slaves and abusing others. Today this alluring but evil racism is utilized in a variety of topics from the people of Darfur to the West in particular or general.
Rapetivism (globally forbidden because it's not in accordance with the principle that a person's sex shouldn't be used as a regulator of that person's freedom, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Rigid sex segregation for the purpose of abusing Islam confined girls/women as physical and cultural reproducers of as many new Muslims as possible.
Sharia (forbidden in a democracy simply because it violates democracy and, like the other Islamic pillars, a bunch of human rights that democracy rests on) - Islam's jurisprudence for sex segregated rapetivism, apostasy ban etc. Ehsan Jami (Dutch ex-muslim): "We have an enormous problem with apostasy in Islam. We see a lot of problems where people want to leave Islam but they can't,"
Apostasy ban (forbidden because it limits a person's freedom of or from religion, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Children (commonly from birth) and adults (commonly via marriage/rape) are forced to become and stay Muslims.

These cannot be erased by mere "interpretations" but needs deep reformist castration! And in this sense "majority Muslims" are tightly connected to Islamic extremism, i.e. to Islam itself. And if that's just because of plain ignorance abt Islam they better educate themselves, e.g. in a Koran school true to the Koran and Islam! When coming out they then have two choices: Becoming an "extremist" (open or stealthy) or abandoning the message alltogether!

That Islam (Koran) allows and even encourages psychological and physical wife beating is just one of an abundance of "minor" ripples of the main pillars above. The naivity of Muslim feminism may be exemplified by Asghar Ali: "...shari'ah also clearly lays down that if a man hides his impotency from his bride at the time of marriage and she discovers it after marriage, she is fully entitled to divorce on that ground. This itself clearly shows that she is entitled to sexual pleasure along with raising family." Rising what family?! The only reason for this rule is to safeguard that no woman fails to reproduce as many Muslims as possible!

The victims of Islam often reveal the same lojalty conflict as allegedly do victims of child abuse. However, some don't.

Ehsan Jami (a young Dutch politician): "People think I am a radical. They think I hate Muslims, but ... it is the ideology which is the problem and not the people themselves."

So why isn't the human rightsphobia we call Islam globally criminalized and indicted, and how come that many a "democracy" seem to care more abt islamofascist terrorists than supporting the war on islamofascist terror?! And why are we supposed to ask islamist imams, professors etc for advice?! It's like asking Goring how to deal with Hitler and his terrorist youth! The likely answer: "Don't question, criticize or mess with us but support us!"

Origin of Islam!
EMAH, the Even More Astonishing Hypothesis
Non-representative symbolism as a basis for human rights
Creativity, harmony and happiness

Creativity is a disease* (the playing with anomalies in an ever changing dynamic world) - the lack of social satisfaction. My only defense for these cries is that I haven'tt made them longer (yet) because my creativity is disturbed by some happiness!
* seen from the perspective of "cold" (adaptive) vs "warm" (playing) societies (see Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor).
Although it might be convincingly argued that Peter Klevius has created the thoughts below, he would have been completely helpless in this task without an assisting world*).
* because Klevius is a product of his environment history we might argue that there is no principal (only qualitative) difference between his (i.e. the "person"/social coordinate, we use as a center for particular sets of arbitrary interpretations) "original" thoughts and his thoughts after corrections via others on this Internet web. It's only an on-going evolution/change. What is qualitatively new is his role as a "starting point"  (source code) for this particular strain of thoughts in the fast growing global brain (Internet), which is progressively eating up much of what we have used to consider human thinking (just as math was expanded by calculators, but at a much larger scale). Furthermore Internet has shortened the distance for "historical socialization", i.e. the discursive process whereby we use to create "social sense", i.e. making/living  the world (see EMAH - the Even More Astonishing Hypothesis).
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