The Race Towards a Global Village
by Peter Klevius
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Photo: P. Klevius 2003.
There is not really very much, except for the basic negative UN Human Rights, that presents itself as an alternative to a rigid, sex-segregated and totalitarian fundamentalist society. Therefore some sort of protection is needed for the free, atomized souls inhabiting society with limited or, in practice, often non-existing generational kinship ties. A powerful rule of law based on negative human rights is clearly needed, but these rights must be formulated so that they provide a bulwark against the very real enemy threat, the social or religious state. Individuals have to be protected by the rights of the individual, in sharp contrast to the collective (society’s) rights of the socialistic or religious political ideology. Pluralism versus centralized state power. We might need a powerful but yet limited state. Powerful enough to protect its own limitations, i.e. individual freedom. (P. Klevius 2004). be continued...