The Swedish girl-problem
The Swedish government has now (2004) officially admitted the problem by launching a Girl-project aimed to deal with the Swedish girl's low selfesteem, self-destructivness and (media)confused world-view. Of course the project is going to fail because it is based on sex-segregated and reactionary assumptions. But as usually (compare when most teens stop their criminal/violent activities anyway when they become older, the state institutions are always there claiming success although they most often in fact have delayed that very progress).when the  general development towards less sex-segregation in the society leaves its traces, the state will point to its "projects" as part of the success*.

Many Swedish girls are trapped in technical incompetence due to a strong, state controlled gender apartheid in caring and education. A considerable absence of fathers reinforces the negative influence on girls’ education, physical development and self-esteem. The famous Swedish novelist, Bible-translator and professor Agneta Pleijel complained, in her "letter" (1993) to Selma Lagerlöf about the apparent weakness in Swedish girls’ self-esteem despite the high degree of female workers and femininity in day caring, pre-schools and preliminary schools. This is well in line with the view on these pages. With disappearing gender roles, the playroom for girls has widened dramatically. But how about their possibilities in practice? Most of the girls are raised in intimate contact with the ideals of their mothers. Unfortunately the un-substantiated thoughts of Freud still affects the interpretation of this dilemma. Just as with delinquent boys the problem is said to be caused by a lack of a sex-segregated/psychoanalytic"father-model". But an entirely different view would emerge when we consider that most women in the mother-generation are typically sex-segregated from scratch (they have inherited a "girl-upbringing" if you like - of course there are no specific characteristics of a "girl-upbringing" out there, only its connection to sex-segregation) and thus lack the qualities needed for understanding the "boy's world" (which of course isn't the "boy's world" only but usually a mirriring of the technical etc progress/dynamics of the society as a whole). Now there is an open door for most hesitating girls but if we keep on trapping ourselves in the belief in masculinity and femininity we all are trying to drive while breaking at the same time..

A San Francisco politician explained the good scores the city got in a crime etc national survey as the result of public social work. But a closer look into the stats may reveal other, and perhaps more important factors, such as, for example, the well functioning (although still quite sex-segregated) family friendly social environments among many immigrant (and second generation immigrant) populations in certain areas. Without these the stats might have looked very average..
by P. Klevius
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