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Gang Rape in San Francisco Spring 2004

Police has just unweiled a gang rape, that occured last weekend in the northern part of San Francisco. The Death Panthers, one of the local black gangs had captured four girls from Utah apparently last Friday night. The girls were raped by most of the members of Death Panthers, until the gang dumped the naked, wounded girls in red lights district last night.

The San Francisco police informed, that the gang is known to rob and rape carefree girls. The Death Panthers is a known anarchist group, which opposes all forms of laws. The core of gang consist of 15-18 black youngs, but the hangaroung group size may be even ten times more.

The leader of the gang a known criminal, Mr. GeeMan announced publicly:"It was a decent fuck. The Mormons are better than most of the whiteys in general. Sadly only the brown chick lasted 'till last night."
The raped girls (ages 15,17,17,19) declined to give any comments.

The official statement of Mormon Church of Salt Lake City is yet to come.

Deron McNilwyn, San Francisco

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Black Panther Party and Nation of Islam

In Sweden four Mideast gang rapists were freed although the victim was barely 13 and heavily intoxicated - see posting
February 3, 2005, and compare to Ca:

"Every woman has a right to say no to sex. ... Performing sex acts on the body of an unconscious woman is a crime. It is a crime if the perpetrator is a student, a laborer, an executive or the son of an assistant sheriff. It's a crime whether or not the victim consented to sex with the perpetrator in the past," Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said.

He thanked jurors for properly applying laws that he said protect women from being raped.

The district attorney said the defendants could be sentenced to prison or probation. Haidl faces a maximum of 18 years in prison, Spann faces a maximum of 16 years in prison and Nachreiner faces a maximum of 14 years in prison, he said.