From evolution, hetero-sexual attraction and bio-kinship to sex-segregation and racism
Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor (1992)
Evolution – the Soul of Life

1.1  To be or not to be/evolution or devolution.

Before reading this part some might feel more comfortable by having first read ‘
The Ghost Leaves the Machine’. All orders in a text are by necessity bad orders so the offered one is rather based on estetics

Evolution has two basic features: Upholding complexity and enforcing complexity

The solid state of existence is movement. Movement consists of occurences. The causality of occurences is a complex of evolution and devolution. Evolution, hence, is the deterministic outcome of variables of causality over time that enforces the complexity in previous structures (P. Klevius 1981, 1992). Evolution does not "think" but rather constitutes recognizable historical results in an un-recognizable chaos..The problem of human evolution is especially characterized by our limited understanding of how speciation/hybridization has affected it (see
Out of Africa as "pygmies" and back as global "mongoloids")..

Erotisized heterosexual genes and non-sex gametes fusioned by hetero-sexual attraction.

Basically there are no "sexes" but only hetero-sexual attraction (HSA) and bio-kinship. Gametes do not have sexes. So when, in Japan 2004, the first ever mammal (a mouse) to be reproduced without the assistance of a male but by two females, it was wrongly considered a partenogenesis, i.e. developed from an unfertilized egg. Why? Obviously just because we are so used to sex-segregation that we miss the simple fact that a new individual needs two bio-parents, but not necessarily a father and a mother. By hampering and switching off one single gene (H19) the "father" was eliminated. And without a "father/male" there can hardly exist a "mother/female" because of the mutual inter-dependency of these terms.
But note that HSA (Hetero-Sexual Attraction was indeed involved in the process, i.e. in the form of the researchers and their apparatus). In the end then the totality of our enormous sex-dichtomy is in a "blocking gene" that now has been decoded and released. Biology was faster than culture, what else! (In "Warning for feminism", published in 2000, I actually predicted the possibility of an "asexual" reproducion like the one now in Japan. So why do I mention this? Because some genetists who has've commented on the topic obviously did not believe in the possibility before! And this fact, I think, reflects an underlying, sex-segregated and rather human prejudice hampering experts at work.

Something like an RNA in a wrinkled protein shell was probably an early stage of life. A virus within a prion-like shell. This simple wrapping evolved into a more complex package consisting of DNA – a longer chain of RNA - in the nucleus aided by several RNA protein builders in the surrounding cytoplasm. In this new system RNA thus continued to produce protein but now by taking orders directly from the master controller DNA.

The division of the cell at this stage was simple. After some time or depending on the environment, the cell divided itself into two identical pieces where the chain of DNA was simply cut off. This method of reproduction was in the beginning the only available and is still popular today, for example all the cells – except sex cells – in our bodies.

But in a dangerous environment such as early Earth, which was even more exposed for solar and space radiation than today, DNA structures were often subject to mutations as well as other damages. If we then suppose the existence of mutated and split DNA cells, we have the ingredients ready for a more sophisticated and evolutionary more effective system of achieving advanced and complex living structures by the help of biological

When the first proto-sex-cells. searched for a partner to complete their split DNA damage they simultaneously created the first biological incest taboo. This was because they could no longer re-emerge with a split DNA cell identical to their own species. The mutation in their DNA made them incomplete for such a purpose. So they continued searching for a partner with a defect, not similar but completing the damage of their own. Voilá – a new species was born and its success was a matter of  “survival of the fittest”.

There is a widely spread misunderstanding that animals either belong to flocks or live as individuals or pairs. Wolves are flock animals, tigers are not. According to this type of categorization humans and their close ancestors belong to pack behavior. Essential for the understanding of pre-civilized (and to a huge extent also civilized) human life is the understanding of the deep meaning of bio-bonds. This understanding is almost totally extinct in the universities of today. Especially those who should be the most interested in it, namely the social sciences!

Feminists constitute a negative exception and hence use to target kinship as the root cause of their problem. Because of their implicitly sex-segregated idea (which
is the root cause) about a male patriarchy, feminists try to theorize about possible openings of kinship structures. But, as can be shown by an example from Judith Butler, what really seems to limit these intentions is precisely their own procection/interpretation of the concept of kinship. “It strikes me as unclear whether Antigone represents kinship or, if she does, what sort of kinship it might be” (J. Butler 2001:9).

“The only way the doer is attached to the deed is through the linguistic assertion of the connection (J. Butler 2001:7).

But could a nanny or a teacher or someone else who sees the child perhaps even more than the parent does, be called a kin and belonging to that child’s “kinship”?

“…but with the social deformation of both idealized kinship and political sovereignty that emerges as a consequence of her (Antigone) act.” (J. Butler 2001:6).

When Creon states that no woman shall rule while he lives, Butler interpretes this as when a woman rules then Creon will die (J. Butler 2001:8). Another interpretation would be rather opposite, namely that as long as Creon lives no woman will rule. In the former case Creon is still alive (albeit not for too long) when a woman rules, whereas in the latter Creon has to die before a woman can enter the position as a ruler.

According to Butler’s interpretation of Hegel’s view on Antigone kinship is “that which alone can produce male citizens”.

Research supporting Klevius view on heterosexual attraction

Researchers at University of Utah have now (2007/10) managed to genetically engineer nematode worms so that they are attracted to worms of the same sex. This was achieved by isolating the nerve cells responsible for sexual attraction.

"They look like girls, but act and think like boys," says Jamie White,

"The conclusion is that sexual attraction is wired into brain circuits common to both sexes of worms, and is not caused solely by extra nerve cells added to the male or female brain," says laboratory leader and biology Professor Erik Jorgensen, scientific director of the Brain Institute at the University of Utah and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Marina Gomberg (Utah Pride Center): "To be very honest, it sort of saddens me that we would have to rely on genetics to make our society recognize us as normal, healthy individuals."
by Peter Klevius
The text is extracted from Homo Filius Nullius, the Illegiitimate Wo/Man by Peter Klevius
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