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Love is a confusing and not coherent concept that can be subdivided in bio-kinship, friendship, and erotics. Because of biological HSA (Hetero Sexual Attraction) implanted in males, females may be mislead in many relations. What a woman interpret as a genuine interest for her "personhood" may in fact be more affected by HSA, hence giving her a relational advantage she might be unaware of, or simply interprets as something else. The same happens to a male when his inborn appetite for HSA makes him observant of an attractive female body and then transfers this biopower to that individuals "personhood". As a result a lonely (i.e. not embedded in a tribal kinship system) couple in the modern world often start their relationship with less than appropriate understanding of eachother. This unfortunate and unstable relational base is made possible because of sex segregation. under progress, please, be patient...!