Example of a new culture of immorality in Sweden (see above how Sweden  positions itself as the most individualistic/egoistic country in the world): Seiko/FIFA No 22 stolen (insider job?) during UPS transport 20-27 Dec. 2002 in Stockholm
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The hallmark of Arab terrorists from 7th century on is cowardice. How many more deaths will Islamic brainwashing cause among Jihads and their victims?
Peter Klevius' definition of The HOLY (negative) HUMAN RIGHTS vs. RACE & SEX SEGREGATION (i e rapetivism)
Let Islam face its founder & 1400 yrs of slavery/colonialism!
Is Islam the worst crime ever against humanity?
Focusing on "good" Islam is like focusing on Hitler's moustache!
1933-2005 Nazi-California-pan-Arabic/Islamic oil-connection

Peter Klevius: Now it's time for "Muslims" to abandon racist/sexist pan-Arabic Islam!

Those uncritical of pan-Arabic Islam have blood from Darfur, Iraq  etc. on their hands!
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (the African heroine): "Declare war on Islamist propaganda!"
Klevius' free, open AIQ net source-code +  intellectual profile
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Oil fueled Pan-Arabic Islam is a global, joint oil-billionaires & (state)leftist project, more dangerous than any other fascism hitherto.

Is Muslim difference feminism lunatic totalitarian Islamists last resort?
Black folks' & women's submission under racist/sexist Arab/ic Islam
Sex segregation is a pain in the butt for all of us but it peaks and bursts in Islam
Toys R Us reported to the Council of Ethics for sex segregating commercials
The Swedish girl-problem
Sweden, the Islamic rapists' haven? - Flest våldtäkter i Sverige?
Evolution: Sexless gametes
Veil trap, footbinding etc "make-ups"
Islamic submission of women imposed by God or man? (Video in Spanish)
Why tie people's lives to genitals?
Sex segregation and etymology
Japanese hi tech & Swedish immorality
Homo Filius Nullius: Swedish parents are taught to cut off their attachment to children. WHY? Should one be paid for dealing with children! So why not pay parents instead of foster parents? The social state creates "wayward youth"! 1/5 kids in Stockholm are reported to and investigated by CPA!
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While Judaism and Christianity developed to become selfsufficient Islam got stuck in backwardness precisely because of its origin as a blueprint for sponging on slavery/rapetivism. Its inherited developmental impotency (Koran) now dooms it to rely on oil and what it can abuse from other countries. That's why regions touched by Islam and Islamic slave trade have remained underdeveloped! We are just in the beginning of a historical revelation that eventually will become a grim and painful reading (see e.g. Origin of Vikings)! It's a deep irony then that by far the worst slave trader in history, Islam, now spreads itself via its victims and the very same Koranic "infidel" racism/sexism it used to justify its atrocities with!


Definition of religion
Definition of feminism
Out of Africa evolution
Sex segregation
plus many more. Klevius' unsponsored (who would pay for anti-racism/sexism anyway?!) IQ-fueled sites & blogs grow faster than oil-fueled racist/sexist Islam & al-Jazeera!
Peter Klevius and Edith Södergran

ISLAMIC SEX-MISSIONARY: Arabs "married" & confined helpless girls/women after their menfolk had been killed/enslaved. Sharia also made it possible to marry/divorce several times a day, and to keep unlimited number of concubines - hence strongly supporting the spread of Islam! And it's still on!

SEX SEGREGATION - the evil past in front of us!
First we
fertilize sex segregation and then, when the kids can't cope, we use it as an excuse for even more neo-sex segregation in schools!
"Seperate schools for boys up to 16 and girls up to 18" is the demand of Black Muslims in US!

Freedom? Get rid of
sex segregation & Islam!
Swedish state Islamist Leif Larsson/"Abd al-Haqq"
140 million Islamic slaves. Black slave owners, etc.
When will Arabs etc  pay for Islamic genocide, colonialism, slavery & other desecrations of Human Rights - past & present?
Does ACLU promote Arab/Islamic sexism/fascism?
The great Muslim gang rape cover up!
Angels of Antichrist - kinship vs. social state
Did Freud create psychoanalysis as a defense for how he treated/limited (sex segregated) his wife?
Un-intelligent design and crypto-creationism

Why do you call yourself a feminist, J. Butler?
you  a psychoanalyst, K. Horney?
Sex segregated childless child psychoanalysts
Vagina Gate & the Atom of Kinship

KLEVIUS' INTERDISCIPLINARY NEWS: Is Dr. Rice riding a Trojan horse? Terri tortured by leftist liberals? Fighting the worst (Muslim) fasvism since Hitler etc.

OUT OF AFRICA AS PYGMIES AND BACK AS GLOBAL "MONGOLOIDS", puzzling skulls, Flores WoMan stolen by Muslim "scientist".


Islamic anti-Semitism under-reported in Sweden

KLEVIUS' NEWS DESK Foreign Arab insurgents have been paid well (Oil-for-kill money from the sheikhs?)
Liberals against liberation in Pnom Phen and Fallujah!
Sudan's Arab/Islamic genocide, gang rape, Swedish child trafficing, non-Hip Hop high tech,
Former terrorist (according to Amnesty)  Mandela & pro-Islamist Annan  vs  Bush
Swedish journalist misleads consumers because he just hates Japanese cars (especially hybrids because  the Europeans can't make them yet) and loves dirty German/French diesels. See  "Mongoloid complex".
Lunatic coward Zarqawi cries for women's help

FEMINISM & ISLAM share/are based on the same desperate  passion for sex segregation (Discuss it!)
To claim that Islam is tolerant is as saying the same of Nazism! Radical feminist & conservative Muslim.


Did Bush, Condi & Blair get it right after all?

MalcolmX's Islamic segregation vs King's Christian anti segregation
From Freud to bin Laden
Hip Hop rapetivists/sexual abusers
B/W Hip Hop in D
Michael Moore (& his alikes) makes blood money by supporting racist/sexist Islamic terrorism
Arabic Petro-Islamism
Creeping Islamization
Does Koran schools create fascism?
Al Qaeda & UN

Definition of religion
Was Jesus religious? (Var Jesus religiös?)
Human rights for unbelievers
From Klevius without love
Sex-free marriage for all - incl. grown-up children
The Vagina-gate - bio-kinship and religion
Angels of Antichrist - Swedish child tradeing
Attachment or "pathological symbiosis"? Childless female child psychoanalysts in search for motherhood and femininity
"Protecting" children to criminals
The "psycho-social" timeline
Alice Miller's genosuicide
Borderline, the problem of psychoanalysis?
The Swedish crime stats mystery
Criminality and crime statistics/policy in Sweden
The state myth of foster care and early interventions
The Swedish state murder trauma
Jurisprudence - the absolute science
Demand for Resources - on the right to be poor
Homo Filius Nullius
Definition of concepts
Philosophy in depth
Inside Klevius' mind
The Finnish/European racist mongoloid-complex

Utgör LVU en påtaglig risk för barns hälsa och utveckling? FRÅN BRIS TILL KRIS! Rädda Barnen och BRIS tillhör paradoxalt nog de organisationer som genom sin verksamhet kanske skadat barn mest i Sverige!

Resursbegär - om rätten att vara fattig.
(En filosofisk/antropologisk samhällsanalys)

FRÅN BRIS TILL KRIS! Rädda Barnen och BRIS tillhör de organisationer som genom sin familjefientliga verksamhet kanske skadat barn mest i Sverige!

Anges d''Antéchrist - Etat social contre la parenté
Suomen-kieliset sivut
Islamic/Arabic fascism is the real problem (+ EU cowards &  e..g. the Swedish Prime Minister G. Persson who  suggested Nigeria as a mem-ber of the UN Security Council, and his, and Khadaffi's, friend the black patriarch Kofi Atta Annan
Sex segregation, hysteria & Freud
The soul of fundamentalist, anti-human rights Islam (How to recognize early forms of true fascism).

If you are a Muslim and therefore think you are a better person than non-Muslims, then you are not, but, on the contrary, a racist/sexist fascist!

"Since humans do not like harming innocent people, Jehad is nothing but an inducement to murder and plunder non-Muslims for the sheer crime of not believing in Muhammad. It is called a "holy war." Those who return home victoriously, come laden with booty, which includes wealth and non-Muslim women for concubinage and free seduction but those "crusaders" who are killed "in the way of Allah" go straight to paradise where ever-young virgins of exquisite beauty and pretty boys anxiously wait to serve them! Even more stunning is the fact that while every code of moral conduct treats murder, rape, plunder, lechery as sins, Islam counts them as acts of piety".

"By the 9th century, when Baghdad was the capital of the Islamic world, we do have evidence of a large importation of African slaves -- how large is anyone's guess," said Thabit Abdullah, a history professor at York University in Toronto.

Islamic/Arabic racism and segregation in Marocco

The myth of Islamic tolerance" and "The myth of the Golden Age of Inter-Faith Utopia"

Industry was alien to the Arabian psychology"

Although most Islamists have not realized it as yet, Muslim feminism is the fastest growing branch of Islam. This has to do with the the globalization (education and technology) process that "the West" now inevitably forces modern Muslim women to "sex segregated reformism" (P. Klevius 2004).

Why Islam is anti-human rights

Islam is an aggressive (Jihad) politisized ethnic (i.e. essentially racist Pan-Arabism) virus that can be best defined as the opposite to the idea of
negative human rights.

Relatives to anti-human rights Islam: Nazism/fascism/communism/state-socialism, feminism (share the same "passion for difference") etc.

Islamic child abuseers and child-murderers

The scrupulous and deliberate spreading of Islam through Koran-schools to wayward and confused youth (who are then used as suicide-killers or as Islamic street terrorists around the globe) is cruel child abuse and a major threat to global society. Also see the connections to lost "attachment" and the "social state" in modern society.

The Pillar of Sex Segregation: Islam, like feminism, relies on the weakening rope of sex segregation. The ultimate goal for Islamists is to lock the girls in sex segregation forever and throw the key away (Sharia). But what many feminists and no Islamists (although these -isms rest on the same sex segregation) have realized is that the rope is rottening inside (because of the overall technical/social global development of society in a de-sex segregated direction) and that it is only kept together by superficial "facing" and/or institutions like Sharia law etc.!

Muslim youngsters (Wannabe terrorists?) in Stockholm are starting to talk big (But who have taught them? Parents and/or imams?):
According to Metro (2004-10-27) two Muslim boys commanded some school girls to go away when they were sitting on a public place (Medborgarplatsen, i.e. "The public place for citizens"!). Obviously the boys did not like the girls' clothing etc  This strange behavior seems to confirm the xenophobic and racist attitudes deeply rooted in Islam..If parents or imams cannot take care of their youngsters' education they should not be allowed to continue that kind of education/fostering anymore, or...!?

The Islamists in Iraq have caused the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians and soldiers and workers and aid personnel.etc (especially if they are of Western origin, i.e. "infidels" in racist Arabic Islamic language usage)! When should we start dealing with the root cause?! Isn't it time to address the obvious Islamic fundamentalist read thread in the atrocities and how they are directed? But still it seems that most naive Western observers have not realized what is really going on!

Heard on the bus
: "Oh, excuse me! I forgot -  it's all George W. Bush's fault, and the Islamic terrorists are just liberators doing their valuable job for the people." Well, it is pretty astonishing that no one seems to discuss how many of the civilian victims in Iraq are caused by Islamic terrorists and the general moral breakdown in in the aftermath of the Marines first trip to Baghdad´

The Arab/Islamic terrorists Mr. Atta & Co sexually abused Western girls/women prior to their stupid, fanatic, cruel, senseless and inhuman crimes. Do we see a reflection of this pattern of behavior in the sky rocketing rape figures in Sweden as well as in the stupid attitudes among many Arab youngsters towards non-Arab girls/women?                      

(see also
Sex Segregation from Freud to bin Ladin)

The deeds of Kutam Muhammed in Legacy of Terror! Excerpt from the book: "The angel instructed him (Kutam Muhammed) to wage terrorism and offensive war against people who did not strictly submit and convert to his message." Although Islam might look meak for many a naive Westerner in the West, where it is not a master as yet, how does it behave if it gets a master role? Sharia etc? Educate children (including especially Mulsim children) about Islam's real racist roots and deeds, continue with the Fundamentalist Test, and then let them decide and make their own opinion!

bin Ladin - the sexist/racist Arab/Islamic fool in the cave with his legacy of rape, murder and terror! Hitler seems pale in comparison (What would Mr. bin Ladin have done with Bush's fat gun? A global Arab/Islamic terror Sharia?).

bin Ladin's hypocrisy: He, the sexist ghost from the Middle-Age, and a representative for the world's most unjust, sexist, and racist terrorist religion (Wahabism) with records of millions of deads, victims, slaves etc in its wake of militant conquest, tyranny and oppression, talks about justice! His so called world view is based on an ideology that does not only reveals itself as terrorism but IS terrorism in its very soul!

Swedish media hypocrisy: When terrorists murder and rape it is explained to be because of Bush etc. When Iraqis are murdered in suicide attacks or by cowardice Islamists hiding among civilians, it is because of, guess who? And when US and other soldiers try to bring these cowardice insurgents before justice (so the Iraqis could get their democracy and the US soldiers could go home) and the culprits manage to lure fire on civilians it is of course again reported as a consequence, not of terrorist actions, but because of the US! This reporting has continued day after day, month after month, year after year. But never with any kind of condemning of the Islamic terrorists. WHY???

bin Ladin applaudes Swedish hypocrisy. Why! Of course because Sweden, with its cowardice and socialist inspired "Spain-factor" politics has become the Islamic terrorists/rapists' haven on Earth - or should we say Heaven on Earth, e g "white women particularely designated for the enjoyment of Muslims (warriors)" from The Beginning and the End by Ibn Kathir Vol 7 p 9!). But unlike Spain, Sweden has for a long time, deliberately tried to gain from Islam and its terrorism! Is it because they (the socialist/communist + some other politicians, media people etc) are naive (as they were in the 30's) and do not understand the real core of Islam!? Kids playing with fire without knowing the consequences or, perhaps, very well knowing the consequences, i e that the hated school might burn down!

True feminism, islamism, socialism(incl. national socialism)/communism ultimately rest on ses segregation!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "What made me change my mind about the Labour Party was that they really lost touch with the electorate on several points, particularly on how to deal with foreigners from non-Western countries and the position of women there…"
What most Swedes are not aware of: Pathological symbiosis and other traps in Swedish child protectioin work -  How the symbiosis of sex segregated femininity/-motherhood and the social state is reflected in a malign approach to family attachment (P. Klevius 2004).

On behalf of today's and historical victims of Islam (in Darfur and globally), and on behalf of all humans who feel offended by the tenets/acts of Islam.


Ever thought abt why Islam is
always excused and removed from its consequences?

The root formula of Islam

Slavery+"infidel" racism+sex segregated rapetivism+anti human rights Sharia/apostasy ban.

Why isn't the worst crime ever against humanity criminalized, but instead protected by the very human rights Islam opposes?!

Without these evil racist/sexist/fascist extremist pillars and violent terror threats from so called "unislamic"* and confused morons Islam is dead!

Slavery (forbidden all over the world except in Koran/Islam) - It's well known that Islam allows slavery, although perhaps less well known that Islam emerged out of the very idea of sponging on institutionalized slavery. This is why Saudi islamofascist dictators, imams etc. terrorists and terrorist supporters still don't understand that the Koran is completely wrong, not only because it allows slavery but especially in claiming to be some "god's" unchangeable word hence excluding even the possibility of reformation!
"Infidel" racism (forbidden according to the UN declaration on every humans equal value, but a basic tenet of Koran/Islam) - The moral cornerstone needed for taking slaves and abusing others. Today this alluring but evil racism is utilized in a variety of topics from the people of Darfur to the West in particular or general.
Rapetivism (globally forbidden because it's not in accordance with the principle that a person's sex shouldn't be used as a regulator of that person's freedom, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Rigid sex segregation for the purpose of abusing Islam confined girls/women as physical and cultural reproducers of as many new Muslims as possible.
Sharia (forbidden in a democracy simply because it violates democracy and, like the other Islamic pillars, a bunch of human rights that democracy rests on) - Islam's jurisprudence for sex segregated rapetivism, apostasy ban etc. Ehsan Jami (Dutch ex-muslim): "We have an enormous problem with apostasy in Islam. We see a lot of problems where people want to leave Islam but they can't,"
Apostasy ban (forbidden because it limits a person's freedom of or from religion, but a basic tenet in Koran/Islam) - Children (commonly from birth) and adults (commonly via marriage/rape) are forced to become and stay Muslims.
These cannot be erased by mere "interpretations" but needs deep reformist castration! And in this sense "majority Muslims" are tightly connected to Islamic extremism, i.e. to Islam itself. And if that's just because of plain ignorance abt Islam they better educate themselves, e.g. in a Koran school true to the Koran and Islam! When coming out they then have two choices: Becoming an "extremist" (open or stealthy) or abandoning the message alltogether!

That Islam (Koran) allows and even encourages psychological and physical wife beating is just one of an abundance of "minor" ripples of the main pillars above. The naivity of Muslim feminism may be exemplified by Asghar Ali: "...shari'ah also clearly lays down that if a man hides his impotency from his bride at the time of marriage and she discovers it after marriage, she is fully entitled to divorce on that ground. This itself clearly shows that she is entitled to sexual pleasure along with raising family." Rising what family?! The only reason for this rule is to safeguard that no woman fails to reproduce as many Muslims as possible!

The victims of Islam often reveal the same lojalty conflict as allegedly do victims of child abuse. However, some don't.

Ehsan Jami (a young Dutch politician): "People think I am a radical. They think I hate Muslims, but ... it is the ideology which is the problem and not the people themselves."

So why isn't the human rightsphobia we call Islam globally criminalized and indicted, and how come that many a "democracy" seem to care more abt islamofascist terrorists than supporting the war on islamofascist terror?! And why are we supposed to ask islamist imams, professors etc for advice?! It's like asking Goring how to deal with Hitler and his terrorist youth! The likely answer: "Don't question, criticize or mess with us but support us!"

Origin of Islam!


Islam isn't monotheism, it's monolitheism!
"For the sake of Islam itself its true teachings should not be so clearly expressed"

Turkey's Imams laugh when Islamic sexism/fascism/terror gets
protection from  human rights of the Western (EU) "infidels"?!

Mulla Omar (the lunatic and sexist Islamic cleric):
"US forces the obscene Western culture on the Afgan people under the cover of democracy" (i. e. he doesn't like that girls/women choose for themselves! Interestingly many feminists support him. But the only hope for sex segregated Islam to avoid castration is, yes, feminism!
Entrapment of girls in "womanhood"
The guilt for a continuing structural sex segregation is more and more in the hands of mothers and feminists! Girls, step up against sex segregators no matter if they name themselves  Feminists or Islamists!
A TRIBUTE to Nelson Mandela, the "Mongoloid" Xhosa (= partly Sanoid, i.e. original African "race") anti-racist.

to all those fighting Arab/Islamic global soft & hard terror.

A TRIBUTE to gender breaking women: Flo-Jo, Marita,Condi & Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A TRIBUTE to the only (except prematurely dead Otto Weininger) real genius from the 20th Vienna -  Ludwig Wittgenstein

A TRIBUTE to Mary Wollstonecraft, the genius who wrote about sex-segregated up-bringing of daughters more than 200 ya
A TRIBUTE to Theo van Gogh for his courage against cowardly lunatic Islamists
P. Klevius:
What's sex segregation?
What's monolitheism?
Black US Bimbos & Rambos
serving pan-Arabic Islam?
Sex segregation & the myth of GID
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Whereas pan-Arabic Islam offers oil-fueled jihad, Shinto civilization delivers (in addition to superior art etc) world's best energy saving high tech & most of the aid to poor countries!  Why's Honda superior to BMW & why do EU cars burn so easily? BMW worst on "drivability"!
Indict Islam for its defamation of non-muslims, "muslims" & Human Rights!
Also see DEATH of LINDA 13
Why do you call yourself a feminist, Judith Butler?
J. Butler:
Destroy Israel
& support the burka and racist/sexist Arabic Islam!
From Freud
to bin Laden
Ayaan Hirsi Ali - the African anti-fascist in Spiegel interview Feb 6, 2006: 'Everyone's Afraid to Criticize Islam!
Racism/sexism induced by Islam?
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Brave Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs coward Obama
How can Barack Hussein Obama who, according to Islam is a born Muslim who hasn't openly proclaimed apostasy (the worst crime known to Islam) as yet, be a presidential candidate inUS?!
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Origin of mosque and the concealed truth abt Islam
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Why it really matters that Obama is a born Muslim who conceales his Islamic trap (that he can't leave Islam without committing apostasy) while Ali reveals hers!